Fitness Facility - Connectrac

Fitness Facility

The ultimate gym experience is accomplished alongside technology.

Connectrac Wireways power up fitness equipment to make exercising as enjoyable as possible.

Fitness Facility

Shown: 3.7 On-Floor Wireway with Duplex Receptacles

Fitness Facility

Technology has become of equal importance in the modern gym. Fitness machines have become smart adding much more than monitors and headphones.  Even strength training stations are accessing technology which adds power and cabling.  Connectrac’s durable and efficient cable management solutions can be installed with any surface and prevents tripping hazards.



  • Eliminates cables and cords on the floor
  • Provides multiple electrical outlets for each machine
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Flexible for future renovations or display changes


For an optimal cable management solution for fitness facility applications, check out our 3.7 On-Floor Wireway.