Library - Connectrac


Modern libraries are making room for more technology.

Connectrac Wireways efficiently bring power and connectivity anywhere within the library; giving visitors all the resources they need at their fingertips.


Shown: 2.7 In-Carpet Wireway with Duplex Receptacle


Today’s libraries are transforming their older facilities into technology and internet resource centers. Requiring no core drilling or trenching, Connectrac makes a group of tables become “high tech” work stations while keeping the facility’s foundations untarnished. Seamlessly blending into the floor, Connectrac systems offer power and connectivity wherever the library needs without having to change out furniture or design.



  • Quick installation without cutting or coring the floor
  • Multiple power options available
  • Eliminates cables and cords on the floor
  • Can transform any desk into high tech work station


Connectrac Under-Carpet, In-Carpet, and On-Floor Wireways provide multiple solutions for library applications. Contact us today to see which solution fits your needs today as well as tomorrow.