Lounge / Waiting Area - Connectrac

Lounge / Waiting Area

The waiting area makes for the perfect place to access power.

Providing a simple connectivity solution turns lounges into charging stations.

Lobby Waiting Area

Shown: 2.7 On-Floor Wireway with Duplex Receptacle

Lounges & Waiting Areas

The world today is run through mobile devices, and there are never enough outlets to keep from draining their battery. Connectrac Wireway systems offer relief for customers with convenient access to power away from the wall in the center of a lounge room space. The wireway’s easy installation and flexibility grants users to serve their visitors with a simple yet pivotal solution.



  • Quick and simple installation
  • ADA compliant architectural wireways
  • Eliminates cables and cords on the floor
  • Multiple power options available


Lounge room and waiting areas are a perfect application for any of our wireway options. Check out our pages for the Under-Carpet, In-Carpet, and On-Floor Wireway to see which solution is the best fit for your needs today as well as tomorrow.