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Retail / Kiosk

Retail trends are utilizing more power and connectivity.

It is easier than ever to provide the latest power and AV cable management to kiosks, flat panel monitors, and other interactive customer devices. With a simple installation, Connectrac delivers the right solution, right away.


Shown: 2.7 Under-Carpet Wireway with Duplex Receptacle



Retail is enhancing the customer experience by adding new products, displays, and kiosks in their stores. Connectrac has customized applications for each store’s unique need that will supply power, connectivity, and cable management in an ADA compliant environment.  A simple installation can occur in one day or overnight without ever shutting down a store.



  • Easily and quickly installed without cutting or core drilling floor
  • Extremely subtle ADA compliant solutions
  • Flexible for future renovations or display changes
  • Multiple power options available from single circuit to 4 circuits


For the optimal cable management solution for retail/kiosk applications, check out our 2.7 Under-Carpet, In-Carpet, or On-Floor Wireway to see which solution is the best fit for your needs today as well as tomorrow.