Training Room - Connectrac

Training Room

Connectivity for multiple users is a needed requirement for training rooms.

Users must be able to connect from anywhere within the training room. Connectrac ensures convenient technology access and flexibility to comply with future redesigns or renovations.

Training Room

Shown: 3.7 On-Floor Wireway with Duplex Receptacle

Training Rooms

Training rooms, classrooms, and call centers are critical to many businesses. When it comes to bringing connectivity to multiple users, Connectrac is the first choice. The modular plug and play system allows up to 4 receptacles per user and multiple AV/IT connections. With no core drilling or trenching needed, Connectrac quickly transforms the space and remains flexible for future space renovations.



  • Quick installation without cutting or coring the floor
  • Provides multiple electrical outlets for each user
  • Low-profile, ADA compliant wireway works with all training room furniture
  • Multiple circuits are standard for training room applications


For an optimal cable management solution for training room applications, check out our 3.7 In-Carpet or 3.7 On-Floor Wireway to see which solution is the best fit for your training needs today as well as tomorrow.