Workstations - Connectrac


Workstations require robust power and connectivity.

Designing your workspace has never been easier. Connectrac offers a variety of power and connectivity options for workstation applications.

Benching Systems

Shown: 3.7 In-Carpet Wireway with 4-Circuit Monument



Work environments are creatively changing to be more open, flexible, collaborative, and connected.  Sit stand desks, benching, and workstations all require power and connectivity.  Connectrac’s patented floor-mounted wireways allow designers to create their vision and prepare them for any changes down the road as the workspace grows and evolves, unlike inflexible core drills.

Connectrac provides multiple electrical options by using a modular plug and play system or by hardwiring the furniture infeed directly to Connectrac.



  • Multiple power options available
  • Quick installation without cutting into the floor or hanging power poles
  • Includes floor mounted cable management for IT/AV needs
  • Transforms a simple table into a powered workstation


For an optimal cable management solution for workstation applications, check out our 3.7 In-Carpet or 3.7 On-Floor Wireway to see which solution is the best fit for your connectivity needs today as well as tomorrow.