Crestron and Norwood Electric Select Connectrac In-Carpet Wireway for Simple, Flexible and “No Bump” Cable Management Solution for Corporate Headquarters - Connectrac

Crestron and Norwood Electric Select Connectrac In-Carpet Wireway for Simple, Flexible and “No Bump” Cable Management Solution for Corporate Headquarters

by connectrac |June 8, 2016 |0 Comments | Press Releases

LAS VEGAS–Connectrac announced today at InfoComm 2016, a conference room AV, telecom, and power cable management retrofit installed by Norwood Electric for Crestron.

Crestron–provider of audio/video, control and automation systems– looked to expand the capabilities of the conference rooms in their corporate headquarters by adding more connectivity and cable management. For over 20 years, when Crestron needs an installer during a project, they always call on Norwood Electric. During Norwood Electric’s search for solutions, they desired a product that not only could be installed efficiently and affordably, but had the flexibility to have changes made to it in the future.

“The A/V world is constantly changing,” said Mike Groarke, Owner of Norwood Electric. “With more technology continuously streaming through, we always have to add or take out cables later because a change will want to be made.”

Crestron looked to add multiple connections to provide a variety of amenities to their employees. The installations would place A/V, telecom, data, and of course, power capabilities throughout their conference rooms. Such access gave the ability for Crestron to have activities such as audio and video conference calls, PowerPoint presentations, and internet access for team meetings and product development. Groarke and his team planned out the project for the multiple conference rooms. Aware of the flexibility needed for such a job, and knowing that each office was in a multi-floor building, Groarke had only one product he knew he could rely on over other alternatives such as core drilling or trenching.

“Connectrac has been very good to us,” Groarke said. “I first saw when a facilities manager showed it to me through a magazine. After we bought it and used it for the first time, we really liked and have used it ever since.”

The simple installation, sleek and subtle aesthetic, and adaptability of the Connectrac In-Carpet Wireway made it far and away the best product for Norwood Electric and Crestron. Given scheduling, the lack of flexibility, and a messy process, Groarke and his team considered core drilling out of the question.

“In a multi-floor building, you have to get permission from the tenant below to use their space, whichcan take quite a while. Then your times are restricted and it usually has to be installed after regular work hours,” Groarke explained. “With Connectrac, you don’t need permissions, it can go in during regular work hours, and it enables us to change.”

The innovation at Crestron requires their office to be ready for change at a moment’s noticed. Now having Connectrac installed in their offices, Groarke and his team at Norwood Electric have the convenience to move around or change out wire configurations at any time in the wireway. With the project’s success, Norwood Electric and Crestron have scheduled future installations for offices in Chicago, Maryland, and Florida.

“Groarke and his team at Norwood Electric have been a model of consistency and efficiency in their work with Crestron for over 20 years,” Clint Strong, CEO of Connectrac, said. “Change is constant in the A/V world and when it comes to cable management, Connectrac wireways work with any reconfiguration or renovation a workspace will eventually encounter.”

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