Altoon Partners

by connectrac |July 24, 2017 | Customer Successes

Altoon Partners utilized Connectrac to provide power, AV, and telecom cabling to all of their workstations and meeting room areas.


Altoon Partners, an award winning international architecture firm with offices in the US, Amsterdam and Shanghai, recently moved its Los Angeles headquarters to a historic building built in 1929. The design for the new offices called for workstations with ample areas for collaborative work and video conferencing. To provide for this open landscape which allows greater collaboration and innovation, the firm chose innovative and beautiful Steelcase c:scape desking systems. One of the key challenges faced from the outset was how to bring power/AV/telecom connectivity to these work areas without expensive, destructive core drilling. The remaining options for connectivity were severely limited, however.



Raised floors were quickly eliminated as a solution because of both the cost and the complexity of adding a raised floor system to an existing, historic building. Power poles were not even a consideration due to Altoon’s aesthetic goals. In researching alternatives, Altoon Partners found Connectrac floor mounted wireways and immediately wanted to know more. “Once we found Connectrac, our cabling problem was solved. We love how Connectrac has enabled us to achieve the design objectives both in terms of aesthetics and in functionality.” Altoon Partners utilized Connectrac throughout their new spaces to get cabling to their workstations and to all meeting and conference areas. Their needs called for the Connectrac “directconnect” power integration method to be utilized in conjunction with the floormounted wireways. Steelcase’s 8wire, 4circuit power infeed conduits were run directly from the base of the c:scape furniture panels into the Connectrac cable pathway. The end result is a simple and elegant integration of technology cabling, furniture, and the interior building elements themselves.

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