Rockford Business Interiors

by connectrac |July 24, 2017 | Customer Successes

Connectrac installed power, AV, and telecom capabilities for collaborative meetings areas at Rockford Business Interiors in Austin, Texas.


McCoy-Rockford provides a complete scope of commercial interior products and services. As providers of innovative furniture and product solutions, they chose to include a Steelcase media:scape collaborative work space in their renovated offices in Austin, Texas. The unique media:scape technology was pioneered by Steelcase, an industry leader in the realm of providing furniture and equipment for collaborative work spaces, allowing co-workers to share and access information easily and seamlessly. With Steelcase’s media:scape, McCoy-Rockford aspired to create a more collaborative workspace environment. The final step was finding a product that could provide power and data access and cable management for the media:scapes from anywhere inside McCoy-Rockford’s offices.


There was no hesitation for McCoy-Rockford to choose Connectrac wireways as their cable management solution over alternatives such as expensive core drills or unsightly power poles. Using the In-Carpet wireway, Connectrac would be the link between the media table and a video monitor located in their wood-paneled wall. The installation provided the space with power, audio/visual, and telecom capabilities as well as flexibility to access the wireway at any time in case the office needed to retrofit or alter their cable management. “We are very pleased to be able to showcase Connectrac in our new spaces,” said Joe Sorrels, Director of Sales Operations. “It offers the perfect solution we needed for our media:scape lounge space and having it installed in such a visible location gives us a great opportunity to demonstrate Connectrac to our customers.”

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