by connectrac |December 14, 2017 | Customer Successes

To core drill or not to core drill? This is a question that every project manager faces when planning out a retrofit, and one that Rob Gilmore was tasked with for JAMS. JAMS is the largest private provider of mediation and arbitration services worldwide.   Through their panel of approximately 350 mediators and arbitrators, they provide high quality alternative dispute resolution services to litigators and corporate counsel in North America and abroad.

The JAMS leadership team, led by CEO Chris Poole, has developed a global company with over 26 offices across the world. With such expansive growth, JAMS focuses on cultivating a professional, comfortable and productive environment for attorneys and their clients.  It is here where Connectrac is playing an integral role by providing cable and power solutions to resolve the lack of wire management in lease renewal spaces, retrofits, and newly acquired offices.

JAMS sought out the expertise of Rob, their in-house Real Estate Project Manager, to find a solution for potential trip hazards posed by exposed power and data cords. Together with JAMS CFO. Kevin McDonnell, they sought a solution that could be used as a standard for retrofitting their spaces. Projects in San Francisco, Dallas and Washington D.C., all served as platforms for Connectrac to help with cable management and safety. Rob serves as head facilities manager for JAMS and, when brought on board, one of the first concerns he had with the spaces was safety. When asked about why Connectrac was the right fit as a company standard, Rob stated:

“We are a global ADR provider delivering a top-tier dispute resolution experience for our clients. Connectrac helped us provide an aesthetic solution to cable management that is ADA compliant, clean, and simple.”

Connectrac’s operating processes provided flexibility for JAMS based on several unique situations. By offering design assistance, in-field rep support, shop drawings, and installation instructions it made it easy for JAMS to use different furniture manufacturers, such as Tavo and Halcon, and use different contractors across the country to adapt Connectrac to a wide variety of uses.

Vulcan Construction headed the initial project in San Francisco for JAMS. Through efficient project management Vulcan ensured a successful first installation that would serve as a template for JAMS future projects throughout the Country. Looking forward, Rob expressed JAMS excitement for the release and use of Connectrac’s 2.7 Under-Carpet System saying, “it is low profile, hidden and aesthetically appealing. It allows us the flexibility we need to adapt for future growth. After using Connectrac for our first installation, we don’t have the need to search for another solution.”

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