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Wireway Powers Good Design for Knoll Dealership and its Customers

The people at Environments are experts on how to make workplaces attractive, functional and high performing. Based in Portland, Ore., this Knoll dealership specializes in workspace design, planning, project management, furniture, and installation for clients.

“I work with customers all day trying to solve the workplace challenges they face in getting power and data distribution to their workstations and collaborative areas,” explains Amy McClaughry, Account Executive at Environments.

So when Environments experienced this same issue in their own showroom, the company needed a solution that was both efficient and elegant.


In one of Environments’ collaborative spaces, a conference table floats in the center of the room, and Environments needed to bring power connectivity from the wall to the table.

The team at Environments discussed the option of core drilling, but the process was obtrusive, expensive and would impact their productivity.  They considered giving up on the idea of having power at the conference table altogether but then their search for a product solution that would work best for their organization led them to a simple and economical system: The Connectrac Under-Carpet Wireway.

As a company that promotes the importance of aesthetics in the workplace as well as efficient operations, Environments was impressed with the seamless integration of the wireway beneath their existing carpet. “We found this product to be superior to anything else we saw on the market,” says McClaughry. “It didn’t create a visual distraction in the space and, because it’s platform-neutral, we were able to get all the power and data, as well as all the AV technology through the raceway.”

In addition to having minimal impact on the showroom’s design, the wireway is ADA compliant with a low-profile nature that doesn’t present a trip hazard to employees or customers. McClaughry also appreciated how simple and cost-effective the wireway was to install. Environments own service division handled all of the hardware and the company’s electrician conducted the final hook up to power at the wall. The easy installation went very quickly, short-cutting downtime to maintain Environment’s productivity.

As a company dedicated to delivering workplaces that help organizations achieve their goals, Environments found more than just a smart application for their own showroom with Connectrac’s wireway. “We’ve been really successful, not only for implementing the solution into our own workspace, but within our customers’ workspaces as well,” McClaughry asserts. “We are thrilled with the long-term potential for expanding this solution into our projects and customer spaces.”

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