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Connectrac-Beyond the Conference Room

by connectrac |March 1, 2018 |0 Comments | News

Beyond the Conference Room

It’s true that Connectrac® has a great reputation for helping transform office conference rooms into high-performance workspaces, but we also provide tailored systems for a wide range of facilities. Today, virtually every kind of facility needs robust access to power, but the limitations of existing buildings create some tricky problems. We’ve stepped up to meet these challenges, and clients have turned to us as the go-to providers of clever and flexible solutions.


Thinking outside the Foundation

Airports are a prime example of how Connectrac can help facilities meet their evolving customer needs. Most airports were built at a time when air travelers didn’t have the power demands they do today. Crafted from concrete, airport structures make coring and drilling to install power conduit an expensive and highly disruptive process. Even in new terminals, it’s tough to get power from the walls to the furniture. The goal at the Pittsburgh International Airport C concourse was to provide power to all seating within the international departure gates. We worked with Arconas furniture and Cumberland soft seating to devise the perfect, low-cost solution. Our Connectrac 2.7 Under-Carpet Wireways runs beneath all terminal chairs and standing charging stations, which is seamlessly covered with tile carpet. The beautifully integrated electronic connections are so successful, the Pittsburgh International Airport is planning to add more Connectrac wireways to its A and B concourses.


Today Meets Tomorrow

We’ve also given universities a leading edge. Preparing students for the real-world means that universities need up-to-date access – especially when it comes to Information Technology. The Université de Saint-Boniface in Winnipeg, Manitoba, wanted to provide student desks and the instructor lectern with power and data capabilities in their renovated their IT classrooms. Despite all the requested LAN, power and USB outlets, the university wanted the space to remain uncluttered. Enter our Connectrac 2.7 In-Carpet Wireways. Stemming from an under-table wire management system, the wireways run beneath student desks and provide power and data access to the instructor lecterns as well. In addition to creating a clean solution today, the flexibility to reconfigure the wireways and transform the classroom quickly and efficiently in the future offers the university long-term value.


A New Portfolio Standard

JAMS – the largest private provider of mediation and arbitration services worldwide – needed a single standard in connectivity access solutions for its 26 lease renewal spaces, retrofits, and newly acquired offices across the nation. Safety was a major concern as exposed power and data cords posed potential trip hazards. We brought flexible, low-profile concepts that were adaptable for a wide variety of uses for projects in San Francisco, Dallas and Washington D.C.  What’s more, our design assistance, in-field rep support, shop drawings, and installation instructions made it easy for JAMS to use different furniture manufacturers, such as Tavo and Halcon, as well as different contractors across the country. Now, JAMS is relying on our aesthetically appealing, ADA-compliant, and simple cable management systems as its real estate portfolio continues to grow.

There’s no question that flexible solutions are in high demand. Accommodating access to power and data poses different obstacles depending on the facility type and management needs. Partnering with our clients and top furniture manufacturers, we’ve got a range of tools and innovative approaches to create truly customized solutions.