Connectrac® Delivers Critical High Performance to StarLeaf

by connectrac |January 18, 2019 | Customer Successes

StarLeaf – a premiere video conferencing system provider – and Connectrac share many of the same professional objectives. Both companies offer services that are built to be flexible and fit seamlessly into the workplace. Both ensure unparalleled connectivity and deliver exceptional quality. So when StarLeaf needed electrical and internet cable access for its own video conferencing installation, they trusted Connectrac to uphold StarLeaf’s reputation with a superior solution.

“Connectrac was the obvious choice as I was familiar with the company and the product, and we regularly recommend Connectrac to our customers,” MacDonald says. “I knew the teams within Connectrac collaborated well because they used our easy and reliable collaboration tools, and obtaining a highly professional installation was of the upmost importance.”

StarLeaf’s CTO William MacDonald first learned about Connectrac at an InfoComm tradeshow for audio/visual applications where StarLeaf was exhibiting its video conferencing equipment. Connectrac was impressed and became one of StarLeaf’s customers. StarLeaf then moved into a new California office and hired Connectrac to supply power and data access in their showcase conference room.


The conference room is set up in a boardroom configuration where StarLeaf added a dual-screen setup for video conferencing with wall-mount kits. The video conferencing codec (which compresses the signal for data transmission and expands the incoming signal) was placed behind the screen. The configuration required several cables to extend to the table.

Trenching through the building’s concrete floor was the only other option to get the cable access needed, but this alternative was extremely expensive and the landlord was reluctant to even consider it. By contrast, the Connectrac In-Carpet solution was both elegant and cost-effective.

The electrician extended the connections inside the wall to floor level. Although he had no prior experience with Connectrac, the electrician found the install to be a straightforward process.  The Connectrac In-Carpet Wireway installation brought power, Multiple Cat 5 cables for laptop network access as well as the video conference touch panel and microphones to the conference table.

The room is primarily used for meeting customers and demonstrating the StarLeaf product to them. The room is also used for normal meetings and video conferencing, so it was essential that people could walk around the table comfortably, which made the In-Carpet Wireway solution ideal. “I continue to recommend Connectrac and, because this product  integrates seamlessly with carpeting , we always need to explain that it’s there to customers when we show it in our boardroom,” MacDonald notes. “It works exactly as expected. We really appreciate Connectrac’s simplicity of installation and the seamless end result.”

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