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Connectrac’s Design Team Gives Customers Exceptional Support

by connectrac |February 28, 2019 |0 Comments | News

At Connectrac®, we believe in providing our customers with a higher level of service at every stage. That’s one reason we created a Design Team. These hands-on, product experts are here to assist you in making your project a success from the conceptual stage through long-term operations.


Connectrac’s design team is unique in the industry. We provide a heightened level of customer interaction and services tailored to your situation to offer you a powerful advantage.


Full Confidence

When you come to Connectrac with a need for power, data and Ethernet access, many variables come into play – the layout of your space, the building’s structure, and your site-specific and operational needs. Our design team can guide you in the selection of the very best Connectrac solution and installation pathways from the get-go, which is critically important in complex and challenging projects.


While all our products are easy to install, we sometimes get requests from contractors, dealers or specifiers in need of design or installation assistance. Our design team helps ensure both accurate orders and accurate drawings for the most seamless installation. For customers who have never specified Connectrac solutions or are working on large, complicated projects, our design team removes a layer of anxiety from your retrofit process and allows you to hand off the drawings in full confidence so you can focus on other important aspects of your project.


Our design team ensures you an accurate and streamlined solution from beginning to end. Offering a broad range of services:

  • Help you determine the very best solution
  • Provide technical support
  • Walk you through the installation processes
  • Generate layouts, specifications and install documents


Natural Progression

 We recognized the significance of these benefits to customers from the outset. Our Founder, Clint Strong, had a career as an architect working on corporate interiors projects. Inspired to solve the problems he saw in the field, he launched Connectrac and personally consulted on designs and technical support. As our business expanded, the size and complexity of projects increased, and demand for these services grew rapidly.


The formation of our design team ensures that all our customers can have access to this invaluable service, and we’ve built our team with professionals from a variety of backgrounds who bring strengths in individual skillsets.


Today, we play an important part in creating successful solutions from simple installations to extensive and complex projects. We’re proud to provide in-depth design assistance to our customers and we’re thrilled by the great feedback our team receives. As projects and technology evolves, we continue to educate ourselves and refine our services to constantly provide you with maintain optimal value.


If you aren’t familiar with our design team services, this is your invitation to contact us today! We’d love to discuss how we can help create the most positive experience and best value for your project.