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Connectrac’s Quiet, Easy Installation Helps Library Empower its Community

by connectrac |July 8, 2019 | Customer Successes


Community-focused, collaborative, adaptable and inclusive – these are the shared values of the Tualatin Public Library in Tualatin, Oregon. The library houses more than 100,000 items and hosts 800+ programs each year. The welcoming civic space features a circular fireplace with comfortable seating and social areas, meeting rooms, and a community room. Serving approximately 29,000 citizens, the library operates under the City of Tualatin.


With a mission to “empower and enrich its community through learning, discovery, and interaction,” the library offers access to online research databases and provides computers with productivity software, wi-fi access, and wireless printing. Adequate connectivity is a must. As such, the Tualatin Public Library’s media station required expansion to serve patrons, but it didn’t want to interrupt access to the important services it provides. “We needed to add more technology and didn’t want to close the library to do so,” notes Cameron Eby, Building Maintenance Technician at the City of Tualatin. “Connectrac was a great option. The system was so easy to install and quiet that I did it during library operating hours.”


The library’s media station needed to supply power and data for internet connectivity from the kiosk’s wall channel to a computer table with multiple workstations located in an area outside the perimeter walls.  The building’s construction is slab-on-grade, so no underfloor space was available to run wires. “Cost was a concern and so was the potential mess. That meant that core drilling was not an option,” Eby asserts.


The Library Manager researched under-carpet cable management online and considered other products on the market before choosing Connectrac as the best solution. Eby used photos of the layout to procure a quote for Connectrac’s 2.7 Under-Carpet Wireway. “The under-carpet system was able to conceal the needed wires and the install was quick,” says Eby. “As an end user we often don’t have knowledge of what we need and Connectrac was easy to deal with.”



Removing complications for Eby made him an effective building maintenance technician and kept the Tualatin Library thriving as a place of where members gather, connect, and engage. “We scramble, we fix people’s problems, and Connectrac was an easy way to do that” Eby says. “All you had to do is pull up carpet tiles, stick it down, and you have a solution. We may have been able to do it a different way, but it would have taken time and headache.”


The Connectrac 2.7 Under-Carpet Wireway system proved to be simplicity at its finest for Eby. “It was simple to install and gave us efficiency in a solution without the headache of figuring out how to get it done,” he says. “Connectrac was easy, clean and invisible.”

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