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Connectrac Renews Library to Serve Students in Relevant Ways

by connectrac |July 16, 2019 | Customer Successes

Like many institutions, academic libraries grapple with challenges brought on by technology. Formerly the main repositories of knowledge, libraries needed a new assignment now that anyone with access to an electronic device has a wealth of information at their fingertips.



As a result, university libraries have carved out new roles. Now the predominant places of study on campus are hubs for groups to collaborate, library staff members serve as guides, helping students find and select the most credible and relevant information online and in electronic formats. To provide the full range of these services, libraries must provide superior digital accessibility and platform integration to help students excel.


Connectrac helped the Leo F. Cain Library at California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) achieve this mission. Recently its five-story library underwent a renovation and 140,000-square-foot addition to double its size. The state-of-the-art construction project included study areas, grand reading rooms, 1,600 reader stations, 250 computer workstations and two dedicated computer labs. But over the past decade, demand for electronic access at libraries across the country has skyrocketed, and libraries need to allow hundreds of students to simultaneously charge and use their laptops, phones, tablets while studying.



Comprehensive Support

A modernist building composed primarily of glass and metal, Connectrac was the perfect response for unobtrusive and economical solutions to maintain its clean architecture. The project’s electrical distributor, Main Electric Supply, has a project management goal to “collapse timelines, increase efficiency and improve communication” to help maximize their customer’s profit, and the company hired Connectrac to ensure these aims were met.

Chris Truelove, inside sales at Main Electric Supply was impressed with Connectrac’s comprehensive services – from our design assistance to customer representatives.

“I appreciated what I saw in your company as you came together as a team from all different departments,” says Truelove.

“The design team was awesome and Connectrac’s Regional Sales Manager gave us support all the way to the end. Even your shipping team provided support on shipping the finished product.”

To layer in the critical technical infrastructure and bring technology to the desk areas, the project consisted of 3.7 In-Carpet Wireway and employed several different Connectrac devices.  Depending on the area and the electrical and data needs, we specified PS-I, single-circuit duplexes, PS-M, hardwire monuments and PM-RECM, modular duplexes and quads.



Connectrac was available throughout the project to guarantee success. “The follow up after delivery was so helpful,” says Truelove. “Connectrac sent resources and support to the contractors during install, which saved time. This reflected all the way down the end user and will not be forgotten. I’m confident it added to the value to the project.”

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