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Metro Vancouver Maintains Design Intent with Connectrac

by connectrac |July 19, 2019 | Customer Successes

To provide long-term fiscal responsibility and better serve its 900 staff members, Metro Vancouver (the Greater Vancouver Water District in Vancouver, B.C.) purchased a new office tower in Burnaby, B.C. The organization’s new head office covers 263,000 square feet across 16 floors, and Metro Vancouver looked forward to tenant improvements that would fit its unique needs. Providing audio/visual, data and electrical power in the space, however, became a challenge.

“The extensive amount of post-tension cables in the building’s suspended slabs made it impossible to maintain the architect’s furniture and meeting-room layouts using core drills for cabling,” explains Joe Borsellino, Assistant Project Manager of Turner Construction Company in Vancouver, B.C.


In addition, the slab itself was extensive and provided little-to-no room for core drills, and raising the flooring on 16 of the building’s floors proved cost prohibitive. An out-of-the-box alternative was needed. Turner Construction consulted with AES Engineering for a solution to this problem and their recommendation was Connnectrac.


“Connectrac turned out to be the perfect solution for this job site,” says Sherry Scoular, owner of Vancouver B.C.’s Scoular Consulting. “The interior was designed as open-plan workstations with private offices and meeting rooms on the inside core, and the client was very concerned about aesthetics. The Connectrac systems are unobtrusive while meeting all of Metro Vancouver’s electrical, data and audio/visual needs.”


To dispel client doubts, the Connectrac representative offered samples and mock-ups of the appropriate applications as well as a demonstration, which bolstered client confidence. For Turner Construction, this helped to keep the project moving forward.


“Connectrac’s customer service was fantastic,” says Borsellino. “The demonstrations made it much easier to come to a final solution, and the samples and mockups helped us get timely client buy-in so we could keep the project on schedule.”


Metro Vancouver’s tenant improvement took advantage of two Connectrac solutions. The Connectrac In-Carpet Wireway ran power, voice and data from the walls and window perimeters to the systems furniture in the open-office workstations. In the meeting rooms, the Connectrac Under-Carpet Wireways were used to bring electrical and data access to the conference tables.

According to Borsellino, the project’s electrical contractor was able to install the wireways without complication, and the client and architect were pleased that the Connectrac systems preserved the tenant improvement’s intended space layout. “Everyone was very happy with Connectrac and how it was implemented on this project,” he says. “The systems had the capacity we were looking for without compromising functionality, and they offered minimal visual impact.”


Because Metro Vancouver plans to expand its offices in the building for decades to come, flexibility was another important consideration where Connectrac met the mark. “Connectrac’s adaptability, ease of use and clean aesthetic truly made it the best application for the project,” Scoular asserts.

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