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How Connectrac Wireways Helped Revamp Showroom Space at Interiors for Business, Inc.

by connectrac |July 22, 2019 | Customer Successes

Upon a renovation of their 13,000-foot showroom, Interiors for Business, Inc. (IFB) needed a simple solution to provide access to power and data throughout their entire space. The furniture dealership, located in Batavia, Illinois resides in what was originally one of the largest windmill factories in the world. While the industrial architecture serves as the perfect framework to exhibit the company’s extensive catalog of products and solutions, a 150-year-old building presents its own unique set of challenges.

With markets spanning from higher education and corporate offices to healthcare and government facilities, IFB designed a showroom space to display all types of environments.



“We want to provide a holistic solution for an entire space where furniture and technology are seamlessly integrated.” said Alex Carsi, Workplace Consultant at IFB. “We focus on the ways that people work and the settings they need to achieve success.”

While creating a prominent showcase of their products, IFB also wanted the space to serve as a working hub for their sales force and design team. The showroom offers workstations, training rooms, and collaborative areas with power, data, and telecom cable management. These features allow their teams access to power and A/V connections anywhere throughout the space.

“Prior to this renovation, the majority of our connectivity was around the perimeter of our space.” Carsi said. “Many of our settings in the middle of our showroom were missing power.”

When deciding upon a cable management solution, IFB was looking for both efficiency and flexibility. In the contract furniture industry, a showroom must be flexible enough to adapt to constantly changing trends. The continuous introduction of new products means a frequently changing floor plan. Regardless of the configuration, connection to power and data is a necessity to make the space functional. For the best combination of flexibility and elegant aesthetics, IFB chose Connectrac wireways for their cable management solution.



The installation included both the 3.7 in-carpet and 2.7 under-carpet wireways. While IFB has used Connectrac in the past, this would be their first experience with the under-carpet solution. “It was easy to install,” Carsi recalled. “It was essentially the same installation, but a cleaner aesthetic because the entire wireway is covered.”

The under-carpet wireway was installed in one of the showroom’s conference rooms, while the in-carpet wireway provided connectivity to workstations, collaborative spaces, and training rooms throughout the area. The wireway’s flexibility not only translated to future renovations but also adjustments made during the project installation. While other cable management alternatives only come in set lengths and cannot be adjusted, Connectrac wireways can be saw-cut onsite to the necessary length.

“We incorporated Connectrac all throughout the space,” Carsi said.  Both the under-carpet and in-carpet wireways gelled seamlessly with IFB’s showroom design. From power and data access for the sales and design teams, to displaying presentations or educational materials on their 65-inch HD television screens, Connectrac provided fully integrated connectivity.

IFB first came across Connectrac years ago and have used the products on a variety of installations, including their own and many customers. With the success of this latest installation, more projects are surely to continue!

“The motto of Interiors for Business, ‘Bringing Life to Work’ is fully encapsulated when you walk into their showroom.” said Clint Strong, CEO of Connectrac. “Their new showroom accomplishes their goal of creating a stellar workplace environment for their employees while providing customers a detailed display of what the company has to offer.”


About Interiors for Business, Inc.

Interiors for Business, Inc. (IFB) has been helping companies create elegant and efficient workplaces since 1995. IFB creates workplaces to help you attract the best talent while providing an environment to maximize their productivity and collaboration needs.

Their corporate offices reside in a 150-year-old building, where limestone walls and exposed beams provide the perfect backdrop to evaluate the alternatives in today’s world.

IFB has project teams to provide the expertise, creativity, and knowledge to bring all phases of a project together from needs assessment, space planning and interior design layouts to product selection, procurement, and professional installation. IFB is committed to providing the best solution for their customers’ unique working environment.

They service major corporations, small businesses, schools, universities, assisted living facilities, healthcare, and government agencies. IFB is a dynamic entrepreneurial organization that uses the best of technology to support the furniture buying process and develops creative value driven solutions.

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