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Design Trends Get a Boost with Connectrac

by connectrac |August 16, 2019 |0 Comments | News

Emerging trends are sparking creative approaches to commercial, hospitality, and civic buildings. To craft spaces that inspire employee’s happiness and customer satisfaction, designers tapped into building users’ values, interests, and lifestyles. The result raised the bar on flexibility, and Connectrac is helping make most out of these next-level spaces.



Interaction and Privacy

The continuing trend toward open office space took on some refinements, as users want spaces that emphasize social engagement, collaboration, and retreat.


Open plan work environments now include lifestyle amenities that invite social interaction. And while collective work areas increase opportunities for impromptu discussion, true collaboration spaces require dynamic, multi-use meeting areas.


At the same time, Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute’s CIRE Magazine notes an important trend is to balance open office spaces with “shared private enclaves.” These small closed-door spaces include minimal furniture with phone, laptop and data connections for quiet workspace or confidential conversations.


Connectrac wireways are an integral part of making these diverse spaces feasible. In open office layouts, Connectrac unobtrusively delivers power, data and ethernet to workstations in the center of a room without the need to core drill. Because the configuration of amenities, multi-use meeting/conference areas, and shared private enclaves may change over time, Connectrac’s ability to be easily relocated assures connectivity wherever it’s needed.


Talent mobility and coworking

Many employees travel frequently for business or work remotely part-time, making flexible workstations a new norm. These multi-purpose workstations are shared by several employees with varying needs. Companies can keep productivity high by including Connectrac wireways in their new building layouts or retrofits to serve the diverse needs of multi-purpose workstations.


Connectrac’s flexibility also supports another rising trend: coworking, where people from multiple organizations work in the same space. Rather than remain in divided areas, organizations are starting to cowork together in one centralized space to promote innovation and collaboration, and to share technology resources. Even hotels are transforming their lobbies into coworking hotspots.


Both of these shared-space strategies shift as needed. Connectrac solutions blend perfectly into these design trends, as our wireways can be re-used and quickly moved within new layouts for optimal flexibility.



Green Building

Our current workforce now expects environmentally responsible design and construction, and many projects that receive public funding are required to achieve green building standards. Green building measures protect occupant health with highly functional, safe spaces. Connectrac’s wireways are ADA compliant and conceal all cords and cables to avoid trip hazards, which promotes a safe and accessible environment and maintains a visually aesthetic appearance.

A central premise of green building is to reduce stress on natural resources through materials’ reuse and recycling. Repurposing an existing space rather than building new is extremely resource efficient, and Connectrac is the go-to response for modifying existing buildings. Our solutions provide power and data without the disruption and expense associated with core drills.