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Connectrac’s Flexibility Supports COI’s Living Office Approach

by connectrac |October 4, 2019 | Customer Successes


A more natural, high-performing workplace – one that fosters creativity, communication and productivity – is the concept of the Living Office. Contemporary Office Interiors’ (COI) partnered with Herman Miller to embrace this new workplace philosophy both internally and for its clientele. COI is Herman Miller’s largest integrated distribution network in Western Canada, and its flagship location in Calgary is home to 10,000 square feet of Living Office space, which is treated as an everchanging landscape.


“To us, Living Office is often synonymous with change,” explains Rory Ellis, principal at COI. “As we change and grow, so must our space. If we do not have flexibility to change power, it inhibits our ability to have our space grow with us.”


So when it was time for COI to quickly change the function of its space, Connectrac’s inherent flexibility and performance capacity was an ideal solution.


Committed to solving workspace problems with innovative and powerful design, COI’s team was impressed with how Connectrac® wireways beautifully correlated with their design strategy. Connectrac’s 3.7 In-Carpet Wireway seamlessly addressed COI’s high connectivity demands for multiple power circuits and cables.


“We changed several work points, integrating Connectrac with Herman Miller Renew height adjustable benching/Herman Miller layout studio, and Connectrac brought a clean aesthetic,” Ellis notes.



Maintaining a productive work environment free from interruption was also essential. COI had been in their Calgary location for 10 years and to obtain the power and data it needed, the company considered core drilling.


“The ability to run power to new workstations without having to create new cores is a tremendous benefit – both in minimal disruption and cost,” Ellis affirms. “Connectrac was an easy process to quote and simple to complete.”


The nature of work is changing with an increasing need for adaptable spaces that enhance collaboration. To provide workplaces that attract, nurture, and retain talent, COI knows the value of creating office environments ready for constant evolution. With their clean appearance, ease of installation, and ability to be swiftly and cost-effectively reconfigured, Connectrac solutions equip forward-thinking companies like COI to evolve.


At COI’s flagship, the 3.7 In-Carpet Wireway helped realize the company’s current objectives and well position COI for its next Living Office iteration. “We wanted flexibility to make future changes and Connectrac was a great application,” says Ellis.


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