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Get Future-Ready with Connectrac

by connectrac |January 21, 2020 |1 Comments | News
Let Connectrac® Make Your Commercial Interiors Spaces Future-Ready!

January 1 marked a New Year with 2020 as well as a new decade. Technology – more than any other sector – is undergoing rapid acceleration and transformation. Across the commercial interiors industry, access to power and data have been in high demand. Technological advancements will only heighten this need. Fortunately, Connectrac can help you access these advancements in flexible, attractive and cost-efficient ways.



New Dimensions

Intel says technology is amplifying thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and video upscaling. In 2020, many companies like Microsoft will offer new digital devices and introduce foldable dual-screen devices.

New technologies and integrated platforms help employees capture and use information to enhance productivity, creative thinking, and decision-making. Furthermore, these technologies can improve efficiency betweenemployees and promote an optimal customer experience. Innovations only work, however, if they are accessible where and when employees and customers need them. With Connectrac solutions, location possibilities abound for connectivity in virtually any commercial interiors setting.

Modern Perceptions

Today’s employees want choice in where they perform tasks, and variety in the workplace is crucial. Whether it’s collaborating in a social setting; offering sophisticated digital information to a customer on the airport concourse, showroom floor or hotel lobby; or utilizing A/V, streaming and virtual capabilities in the center of a conference room, employees are on the move. That means their access to power and data must be fully operational wherever they go.

In addition, client perception of a company’s surroundings can have a huge impact on instilling confidence. An office in visual disarray with electrical cords and data cables running to perimeter walls creates trip hazards and an unprofessional impression. And if your clients “drop by” through video conferencing or another form of virtual meeting, it’s imperative that you have a reliable source of power and data to keep the conversation going.

Connectrac was designed and developed as an agile response to both of these needs. Our solutions seamlessly provide you with untethered power, data, and A/V connections wherever and whenever the supply is needed.



Scaling Up while Keeping Costs Down

Adapting to current and near-future technological demands can be daunting, but Connectrac makes it easier for you to stay at the forefront. Unlike expensive and disruptive core drilling and concrete slab trenching, Connectrac’s cost-effective wireways can be incorporated seamlessly into your commercial interior space while maintaining a productive work environment.

Flexibility to respond to coming changes is where Connectrac excels. Constantly shifting technology means that what you implement tomorrow may need to support more power and cabling by the end of the year. And as your business grows, your space layout needs change too. With Connectrac, you can quickly alter a space, scaling up to exactly what you need at any given time. With Connectrac in your corner, your commercial interiors space can ride the wave of technology and change, wherever the future may take you.