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Kentwood Office Furniture Showcases Workplace Solutions with Connectrac®

by connectrac |February 3, 2020 | Customer Successes

Offering customers turnkey workspace design and installation is a point of pride for Kentwood Office Furniture. Much like Connectrac, Kentwood works with customers to make the most of their existing floor plans and current locations. Kentwood representatives understand the balance between form and function, and they help to create aesthetic interior designs that fit a business’s employee needs, work style and budget. Connectrac’s range of solutions pairs beautifully with these goals.



At Kentwood’s Grand Rapids office, a showroom remodel has been in the works for several years. As Kentwood officials discussed alternatives, they were keenly aware of the challenges they faced with the remodel. The building is an industrial structure, yet it would need to accommodate workplace options suitable for today’s demanding work environments.

“Although we would have loved to consider raised floors to meet connectivity needs, it wasn’t an option in our budget. We needed to support our design strategy including areas of collaboration and open plan,” explains Adriana Bylsma, Kentwood’s VP of Branding, Design and Workplace Strategy. “Connectrac was an ideal solution. It was easy to install and was an economical solution to power.”

As a furniture dealer, Kentwood wanted to take advantage of its showroom remodel to increase sales and product knowledge of the Connectrac system. Because customers’ needs vary, Kentwood elected to provide a few solutions on view for customers to consider which ones might blend into their own workplaces.

“We wanted to showcase a couple different applications, so we have the under-carpet wireway in the conference room and the in-carpet wireway in our main area,” explains Bylsma. “This allows us to show our customers applications that are actually in use every day.”



In Kentwood’s conference room, they ran Connectrac to Spec Furniture’s Tailgate Table. In the open area, Connectrac fastened to Trendway’s sustainable Volo walls; and in the front of Kentwood’s showroom, the company used Connectrac to bring power and data to a National WaveWorks reception desk.

Practicality, simplicity and completeness are core values of Kentwood, and Connectrac’s installation process ticked every box. “The installation process was great!” Bylsma recalls. “Our Connectrac representative was on site and we had a pre-install meeting with our electrician. The install went very smoothly.”

Kentwood is focused on providing an exceptional customer experience from start to finish, and the company expects the same from its business partners. Connectrac’s flexibility continues to impress. “It works out great for our new showroom layout and gives us the freedom to reconfigure it in the future, unlike core drills,” says Bylsma.

In its quest to offer customers innovative trends in the office arena and help keep workplaces vibrant, Kentwood finds Conectrac effectively delivers power and data while maintaining the design strategy. Bylsma notes, “Connectrac stands out thanks to its versatility and clean aesthetic.”



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