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Connectrac® Brings Functional Harmony to Aspen Group’s Innovative Designs

by connectrac |February 27, 2020 | Customer Successes

Aspen Group developed a unique niche in the professional services industry with its ministry-focused planning, design and construction for new church facilities, additions and renovations. Its goal is to create facilities that radically enhance ministry effectiveness. As a result, Aspen Group’s clients are the most innovative and effective churches and faith-based organizations in the United States.

“These organizations function very differently from traditional, sacred space church designs,” notes Joseph LaPaglia Jr., Aspen Group’s Director of Cost Modeling & Strategic Partnerships. “Accordingly, Aspen Group is building spaces for people to gather and connect, and all of these spaces require electrical power to furnishings in order to make them function.”

Aspen Group sees Connectrac as an effective solution for their clients’ non-traditional space needs in the digital age. The high demand for power is similar to that of commercial interiors and providing easy access to power is a constant discussion topic when Aspen Group works with clients.

To create a living example of Connectrac’s seamless integration, Aspen Group incorporated Connectrac solutions in the recent renovation to its corporate headquarters. The renovation area consisted of all new furniture systems, seating and collaboration groups, open ceilings, and conferencing areas, along with a new interior design library.

Design Flexibility

Aspen Group considered floor boxes, raised floor solutions, core drilling the slabs and running conduit through the ceiling space of the tenant below before it selected Connectrac as the preferred solution.

“Our traditional solution has been to cut the floor open and bring power to the needed locations,” LaPaglia says. “However, with our partnership with Connectrac, we now have a way to get power to floating furniture groups and collaboration areas in the middle of very large gathering spaces at the modern church.”

Aspen Group utilizes AutoDesk Revit and Enscape when designing and laying out all of its renovation projects. For the office renovation design solution, the team utilized 4 of the 10 furniture lines it carries. The Connectrac shop drawings made from the team’s furniture layout served as the design and construction guideline.

“The design solution was to place Connectrac on the floor with the decorator cover strip showing and the carpet butting up to the Connectrac system,” LaPaglia explains. “We also used a vertical application of Connectrac to go down the wall and bring power and low voltage to all the areas.”

Connectrac’s Under-Carpet solutions are being considered for phase two as more communication products are being added to the corporate office. “The Connectrac solution will provide great design flexibility for us and an innovative solution,” adds LaPaglia.

First-rate from Start through Finish

Authentic passion for their clients’ mission, a trustworthy team, and a proven process helps Aspen Group offer its clients a better-way-to-build approach. Connectrac’s quality and exceptional customer service dovetail beautifully with this approach.

“The solution was excellent and product support was first rate,” LaPaglia says. “The product we wanted was readily available and installation was easy.”

Much like the changing landscapes of commercial interiors, facilities for churches and faith-based organizations need solutions that transcend yesterday’s limited systems. Connectrac’s easy access to power and data furnish needed practical applications, and its ability to maintain clean design lines helps promote a sense of welcoming and communal rapport.

“The final product looks great!” LaPaglia asserts. “It was the most flexible, cost effective solution for providing low voltage and power distribution while maintaining the architectural look we required.”


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