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Make Your Workplace Accessible to All

by connectrac |May 4, 2020 |0 Comments | News


Today’s workforce is diverse and represents people from all backgrounds and abilities. Companies that create accessible workplaces demonstrate values of respect, inclusion, and equity for all of their employees and customers, as well as public visitors. In addition, government regulations set forth by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and the 2010 Standards for Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities: Title III require compliance from many companies.

When it comes to achieving certain critical items for accessibility, Connectrac provides safe, cost-effective solutions that have a positive impact on workplace safety and the range of occupants.


In the Clear

Open-office environments remove many common barriers such as doors, partitions and walls that can be an issue for those with mobility devices. Doors and hallways must maintain certain width clearances for wheelchairs, especially in areas where anyone from the public may enter. Unobstructed hallways are particularly important for people with visual impairments. Carpeting helps to dampen sounds in open offices, but it can also pose an obstacle to accessibility unless it follows ADA guidelines.

Getting power and data to the center of open office spaces can be a challenge, however. Extension cords through the space are trip hazards and they hinder wheelchair movement. Fortunately, Connectrac solutions were carefully conceived and fabricated to bring electricity and data cables to deep interior locations while maintaining an inclusive environment.



Connectrac’s ADA-compliant solutions include:


  • The 2.7 On-Floor Wireway. Connectrac’s sleek and flexible wireway easily installs on top of any flooring surface. Transition ramps surround the wireway to make moving over the incremental changes in level smooth.




  • Our 2.7 Under-Carpet system. This low-profile wireway remains virtually invisible under carpet tile. Two-part, on-floor transition ramps surround the wireway, so it maintains fluid maneuverability and clear pathways for those with visual disabilities and wheelchairs alike.




  • The 2.7 In-Carpet Wireway. Our lowest profile solution supplies power and connectivity. A removable cap along the entire length of the wireway allows easy access to the channel. This solution integrates seamlessly with carpet, facilitating occupant flow for all individuals.




Regardless of legal requirements, measures that welcome employees and customers of every ability in your space show you respect their dignity and basic rights. Properly arranged open offices make it easier for all employees to embrace their highest level of independence and participate fully, whether they have a disability or a temporary physical setback. Connectrac is ideally designed to help you offer employees a comfortable, safe, and fully functioning environment to support your culture of equal and fair access for all.