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Connectrac® Joins Legrand, North and Central America

by connectrac |October 22, 2019 |0 Comments | Press Releases

WEST HARTFORD, CT., October 22, 2019 – Legrand, North and Central America (LNCA), today announced it has acquired Connectrac, a leader in the development of flexible floor-based cable management solutions that bring power, data and communications to commercial interior applications. LNCA has a strong expertise in power distribution and cable management and adding Connectrac to its portfolio gives the company the ability to reach additional market segments as well as a platform to expand their ecosystem in commercial interiors.

Legrand has a rich history in innovating in new spaces, and Connectrac brings new open space product solutions designed for flexible work areas.  This also supports Legrand’s on-going initiatives to build relationships with architects and designers, end users, and furniture dealers for a range of commercial interiors applications.

“Flexible access to power is more critical than ever before, given the high volume of mobile devices and the desire to connect from anywhere in the space – not just near the walls” said John Selldorff, President and CEO of Legrand North and Central America.  “The acquisition of Connectrac allows us to bring together a unique set of solutions, designed to meet the needs of building owners and occupants at all stages of the building lifecycle.”

Founded in 2005 by licensed architect Clint Strong and Desiree Edwards, Connectrac offers products with the flexibility to meet the demands for new technology connectivity while maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of the building.

“We are excited to be joining Legrand and the opportunity to deliver more comprehensive solutions to our customers,” said Clint Strong, Co-Founder of Connectrac. “Legrand’s organizational depth, global reach, and extensive product portfolio will provide us with the resources and tools to develop new product offerings and solutions that are more valuable to our customers and strengthen our position as a leader in the commercial interiors market.”

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About Legrand and Legrand, North and Central America
Legrand is the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. Its comprehensive offering of solutions for use in commercial, industrial, and residential markets makes it a benchmark for customers worldwide. Drawing on an approach that involves all teams and stakeholders, Legrand is pursuing its strategy of profitable and sustainable growth driven by acquisitions and innovation, with a steady flow of new offerings—including connected products stemming from Legrand’s global Eliot (Electricity and IoT) program. Legrand is one of the most sustainable companies in the world, as ranked by the Corporate Knights, and is committed to achieving carbon, water, and waste reductions in its operations, deepening its community relationships, and continuously improving the environmental profile of its products. Legrand reported sales of around $7.1 billion (USD) in 2018. Legrand has a strong presence in North and Central America, with a portfolio of well-known market brands and product lines. Legrand is listed on Euronext Paris and is a component stock of indexes including the CAC40,

About Connectrac
Connectrac® wireways are the best floor-based cable management solution for bringing power, data and communications from the wall to all interior commercial applications. Connectrac offers the flexibility to meet the demands for new technology connectivity while maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of the building – all without the expense and inflexibility of other conventional methods. For more information about Connectrac, visit

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Michelle O’Brien
Director, Corporate Communications
(860) 574.4307

Crestron and Norwood Electric Select Connectrac In-Carpet Wireway for Simple, Flexible and “No Bump” Cable Management Solution for Corporate Headquarters

by connectrac |June 8, 2016 |0 Comments | Press Releases

LAS VEGAS–Connectrac announced today at InfoComm 2016, a conference room AV, telecom, and power cable management retrofit installed by Norwood Electric for Crestron.

Crestron–provider of audio/video, control and automation systems– looked to expand the capabilities of the conference rooms in their corporate headquarters by adding more connectivity and cable management. For over 20 years, when Crestron needs an installer during a project, they always call on Norwood Electric. During Norwood Electric’s search for solutions, they desired a product that not only could be installed efficiently and affordably, but had the flexibility to have changes made to it in the future.

“The A/V world is constantly changing,” said Mike Groarke, Owner of Norwood Electric. “With more technology continuously streaming through, we always have to add or take out cables later because a change will want to be made.”

Crestron looked to add multiple connections to provide a variety of amenities to their employees. The installations would place A/V, telecom, data, and of course, power capabilities throughout their conference rooms. Such access gave the ability for Crestron to have activities such as audio and video conference calls, PowerPoint presentations, and internet access for team meetings and product development. Groarke and his team planned out the project for the multiple conference rooms. Aware of the flexibility needed for such a job, and knowing that each office was in a multi-floor building, Groarke had only one product he knew he could rely on over other alternatives such as core drilling or trenching.

“Connectrac has been very good to us,” Groarke said. “I first saw when a facilities manager showed it to me through a magazine. After we bought it and used it for the first time, we really liked and have used it ever since.”

The simple installation, sleek and subtle aesthetic, and adaptability of the Connectrac In-Carpet Wireway made it far and away the best product for Norwood Electric and Crestron. Given scheduling, the lack of flexibility, and a messy process, Groarke and his team considered core drilling out of the question.

“In a multi-floor building, you have to get permission from the tenant below to use their space, whichcan take quite a while. Then your times are restricted and it usually has to be installed after regular work hours,” Groarke explained. “With Connectrac, you don’t need permissions, it can go in during regular work hours, and it enables us to change.”

The innovation at Crestron requires their office to be ready for change at a moment’s noticed. Now having Connectrac installed in their offices, Groarke and his team at Norwood Electric have the convenience to move around or change out wire configurations at any time in the wireway. With the project’s success, Norwood Electric and Crestron have scheduled future installations for offices in Chicago, Maryland, and Florida.

“Groarke and his team at Norwood Electric have been a model of consistency and efficiency in their work with Crestron for over 20 years,” Clint Strong, CEO of Connectrac, said. “Change is constant in the A/V world and when it comes to cable management, Connectrac wireways work with any reconfiguration or renovation a workspace will eventually encounter.”

About Crestron
Crestron builds the technology that integrates all of the disparate systems and devices in buildings and homes on a single open platform so they can communicate and work together intelligently. They provide the only solution that enables you to monitor, manage, and control everything from one platform, anywhere, anytime, using touch screens, remotes, and smart devices.

36 Degrees North Retrofits a Former Model T Showroom into a High Tech Base Camp for Entrepreneurs with Connectrac Wireway Solution

by connectrac |May 11, 2016 |0 Comments | Press Releases

Dallas – Connectrac announced today the installation of a full cable management solution at 36 Degrees North in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Fast growing businesses turn to 36 Degrees North, a base-camp for entrepreneurs, to help position them to succeed by providing flexible desk space, internet and video conferencing.

To accomplish this, they needed to install a cable management solution able to accommodate all users with power, data and telecommunications access without intruding on the workspaces. Connectrac wireways were chosen to seamlessly accomplish their objective.

“The building used to be a former Model-T car dealership back in the 1920’s,” said Dustin Curzon, Executive Director of 36 Degrees North. “The building itself is over 100-years old and it was out of the question to trench or core drill.”

The headquarters had six conference rooms in need of cable management: one Board Room, two Video Rooms and two Standing Rooms. Their Board Room fits up to 16 people with power and data connections available on top of a conference table, and also includes a 70-Inch HD television. The Video Rooms provide a more relaxed setting for clients with L-shape stadium-seating coupled with coffee tables and A/V connectivity. For a more social and networking-like environment, the company created the Standing Rooms with 2 rooms conjoined by a garage door lined with tall tables and stand-up stools, also with power and data accessibility.

Additionally, 36 Degrees North wanted to route power and data throughout their 1500 square-foot Dedicated Workspace. The work area was configured in four rows, two longer rows of 16 and two shorter rows of 8. Every pod is divided into four desks; each one reserved for clients. Entrepreneurs and aspiring businesses can rent any table and bring in any work materials they see fit. It was of most importance to 36 Degrees North to have Ethernet internet cabling available and routed through each and every desk space. When the search began to find a solution, a furniture vendor from Tulsa suggested a certain product.

“Our furniture dealer came to me and recommended Connectrac,” Curzon recalled. “Their product would allow us to run power and Ethernet to each workspace in a cost effective way without having to use core drilling or trenching.”

The installation team quickly installed Connectrac In-Carpet Wireways through the Dedicated Workspace as well as their six conference rooms. Simple to install and seamlessly integrated throughout their headquarters, the wireways gave 36 Degrees North the complete solution they needed for providing their clients access to ample amounts of power, A/V, and data connections. Also, with company growth and changes sure to happen, Connectrac enables 36 Degrees North to access and reconfigure any cabling they see fit in the future.

“Data was a huge thing for us in making our building. We needed something that channeled data but was ADA compliant and ADA friendly,” said Curzon. “We loved how accessible it was. To be able to decide whatever connections we need to put in without limitations was very helpful for us. If you want to add something, it’s okay because we have room in Connectrac and we can just throw it in.

With all cable management installations complete, 36 Degrees North can now live out their visions of building and providing opportunities for aspiring businesses and entrepreneurs. At every work or lounge space inside the area, clients can gain the connections and resources they need to become successful.

“It is a very welcoming and creative environment they have created at 36 Degrees North,” said Clint Strong, CEO of Connectrac. “Entrepreneurs will now have everything at their disposal in order for their businesses to thrive and grow.”

About 36 Degrees North

36 Degrees North (36°N) is Tulsa’s basecamp for entrepreneurs. They help startups and existing companies find direction, assemble a team and venture forth to build successful businesses. With over 11,000 square feet of vibrant work, collaboration, and event space in the heart of the Brady Arts District, they are the central gathering point for Tulsa’s entrepreneurial community, resources, and programs.

36 Degrees North exists to make it ridiculously easy for new and experienced entrepreneurs to find the right people, best practices, capital resources, and work space so they can move forward in their startup journeys.  36°N is the best place for entrepreneurs to meet and work with the mentors, funders, technologists, designers, marketers, lawyers, accountants — and many more — to outfit their ventures for success.


Connectrac® wireways are the best floor-based cable management solution for bringing power, data and communications from the wall to all interior commercial applications. Connectrac offers the flexibility to meet the demands for new technology connectivity while maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of the building – all without the expense and inflexibility of core drilling, trenching or floor boxes.

For more information about Connectrac, visit

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Provides Cable Management through Connectrac Wireways

by connectrac |December 2, 2015 |1 Comments | Press Releases

DALLAS—Connectrac announced today that in the construction of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s brand new Research Tower, cable management capabilities were installed throughout the entire property with the assistance of Connectrac wireways.

At around 445,000 square feet, the building sits between a companion research tower and the hospital, and is home to over 1,500 physicians, scientists and staff. Throughout the new research tower, the hospital created a variety of A/V Meeting Rooms able to seat and accommodate as many as 30 people. Each meeting room moved away from the standard projector set-up by using flat-panel, wall-mounted displays, along with conference phones and personalized Crestron Flip-Tops placed on top of every conference tables.The Crestron Flip-Tops bring controls for lighting and video inputs to a touch screen.

Each meeting room would require every kind of connectivity—A/V, Telecomm, Power and Data. For a project of such a large scale, the hospital wanted a quality product that could be matched with an affordable price.

“To core drill everywhere is simply too much,” said Michael Rose, Interactive Services at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. “We had no issues with Connectrac. It solves a lot of problems.”

After being selected by their architect firm, the hospital made an order for Connectrac In-Carpet wireways to be installed in their A/V Meeting Rooms. Having not seen the product before, Rose was a little skeptical when he thought about other on-floor type raceways.

“I’m usually hesitant about using any type of surface solution, but you don’t even know it’s there. It works great.” Rose recalled. “If you have to make a change or forgot something, you just pop the cap and make your change,” he added.

What alleviated his concerns was simply seeing Connectrac being put into action. The install team had no problems laying the track down, putting In-Carpet wireways in over 40 A/V Meeting Rooms. The wireway was laid seamlessly from the wall underneath the flat-panel display to underneath the conference table, providing cable management for the Crestron Flip Top. Not only did the subtle, elegant aesthetic appeal to Rose and the staff, but the flexibility to change any cabling within the Connectrac wireway made it even more invaluable.

The installation and overall construction of the new research tower adds to the hospital’s already extraordinary resume. Named one of the nation’s best children’s hospitals by U.S. News, Cincinnati Children’s ranks top 10 in 10 specialty categories, including #1 in pulmonology and #2 in cancer care and nephrology. It also earned recognition from Parents Magazine as the #3 best children’s hospital in the United States. Such a renowned status made Connectrac excited to provide cable management throughout the hospital’s new research tower.

“The acclaim and achievements the hospital has earned in its existence is nothing short of spectacular,” said Clint Strong, CEO of Connectrac “This new research tower will only lead to more discoveries and accomplishments within the medical field. We are happy to play a small role in bringing connectivity to such an innovative establishment.”

About Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Cincinnati Children’s, a non-profit organization, is one of the top three recipients of pediatric research grants from the National Institutes of Health, and a research and teaching affiliate of the University Of Cincinnati College Of Medicine.  The medical center is internationally recognized for improving child health and transforming delivery of care through fully integrated, globally recognized research, education and innovation. Additional information can be found at Connect on the Cincinnati Children’s blog, via Facebook and on Twitter

About Connectrac
Connectrac® wireways are the best floor-based cable management solution for bringing power, data and communications from the wall to all interior commercial applications. Connectrac offers the flexibility to meet the demands for new technology connectivity while maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of the building – all without the expense and inflexibility of core drilling, trenching or floor boxes.

Annese Electric Completes Multi-Phase Retrofit Project of Fitchburg State University Library with Connectrac

by connectrac |October 14, 2015 |0 Comments | Press Releases

Dallas — Connectrac has announced a collaboration with Annese Electric during cable management installation at Fitchburg State University . The services of Annese Electric –an electrical contractor based in Weymouth, Massachusetts—were selected by the university as the most viable bidder for a multi-phase retrofit inside one of the school’s student libraries.

Since 1988, Annese Electric has maintained a variety of services, from electrical contracting to wind and solar infrastructure, in order to fulfill their mission of giving their customers what they want when they want it. Their mantra was put to the test when Fitchburg State approached them for a renovation project at the campus’ central student hub, Hammond Hall. Described as the “living room of the university,” Hammond Hall is home not only to the Fitchburg State library, but also includes a game room, bistro, and campus bookstore. The student center also offers their Center Stage Series, Falcon Hub, a coffeehouse-style, 150-seat auditorium for national acts and lectures.

Being such a focal point of the campus, Fitchburg State assigned the team at Annese Electric to install power and data connectivity and cable management throughout the entire library. The university hoped to provide technological access to students from as many places as possible, whether it be a work station or the library’s outdoor mezzanine. In preparation of the project, Annese researched for a product that could affordably accomplish this goal without intruding on student activities and that also had the flexibility to be relocated in case of future renovations inside the library. With multiple options presented to them, the team at Annese selected Connectrac Wireways.

“It was easy to install everywhere,” recalls Annese Electrical Foreman, John Hughes. “Connectrac gave us the flexibility to give power and data anywhere without core drilling or saw cutting and spending a bunch of money.”

Hughes and his team ran into one specific challenge during their installation. In an upper floor in Hammond Hall lies a study and lounge area with chairs and work stations placed along a large glass window looking out to the campus. Being a popular spot in the library, Fitchburg State wanted to provide connectivity along the window railing. Using Connectrac’s In-Carpet wireway, the issued proved to be no obstacle. Hughes and his team put down the wireway with ease, bringing the carpet all the way up to the window for a near-invisible aesthetic.

“The transition ramps worked out well. The carpet came up and finished it to give it a nice look,” Hughes recalled. “It worked out really well because one half butted against the window. It went down extremely easy and had the flexibility to let us do whatever we wanted.”

Annese Electric pulled off the multi-stage project seamlessly, bringing connectivity and cable management to the entirety of Hammond Hall. The process went so smoothly that Annese brought in Connectrac for another phase in the Hammond Hall project, renovating multiple floors for more connectivity and cable management.

“It was a huge project that had a lot of variables that came with it,” said Connectrac Director of Sales Steve Batchelder. “With such a large renovation, you hope the products you rely on can pull through for you without any added stress, and we’re happy Connectrac’s flexibility worked well for the job Annese Electric put together.”

About Annese Electric
Annese Electrical Services, Inc. is a leading open shop electrical subcontracting firm providing various electrical and general subcontracting services throughout Eastern Massachusetts. Annese Electrical was founded in 1988 by Joseph Annese and is located in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

Fitchburg State University
Fitchburg State University, located in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, is a public institution dedicated to integrating high-quality professional programs with strong liberal arts and sciences studies. Founded in 1894, the university now has more than 30 undergraduate programs, 22 master’s degree programs, and 7,000 full and part-time students.

PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS Retrofits University of Washington Classrooms with Connectrac Cable Management Solutions

by connectrac |July 1, 2015 |0 Comments | Press Releases

Dallas— Connectrac announced today classrooms at The University of Washington have been retrofitted with Connectrac In-Carpet Wireways by PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS.

At their campus in Seattle, the University of Washington hired PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS for a retrofit project inside its Health Sciences building. Within the classrooms, UW was challenged with finding an affordable, yet sleek, solution for installing the A/V, power, and data cable management needed to provide the classrooms with a more interactive and collaborative environment. Video projectors, laptop and technological access would make the classroom not just more than a lecture hall, but also a place to grow and cultivate innovation.

“We work by a method that we developed that we call ‘PIONEERING POSSIBLE™,’ which means that we are innovative with the technology, sustainable, solution oriented and out of the box,” said Joe Westbrook, VP and General Manager at PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS. “Our customers demand a level of excellence, and we must find the most elegant solution to solve our logistic requirements and allow us to showcase our work with one product.”

Since 2008, a product that’s been able to showcase PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS work is Connectrac Wireways. Options such as core drilling or trenching are simply nonviable due to the amount of extra work required, such as the abatement of a lower ceilings, floor scanning and intrusions into other classrooms. The simplicity of Connectrac’s aesthetics, purchasing processes and installation methods drew PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS in. With Connectrac In-Carpet Wireway, the PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS installation team provided the Health Sciences Building classrooms with the A/V and data cable management needed to increase professor and student interaction.

“We like how clean the installations look,” Westbrook recalled. “It’s integrated, professional and everyone is comfortable with the process.”

The Connectrac In-Carpet wireway solution saved PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS approximately fifty percent in total costs compared to core drilling and trenching, the same amount of savings shown in the company’s recent RSMeans study. The out of the box thinking by PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS lived up to their method, “PIONEERING POSSIBLE™.”

“PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS continues to break new ground and push the boundaries of cable management for the A/V and technology industry since their expansion,” CEO of Connectrac Clint Strong stated. “To continue to collaborate and work with a company like PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS shows us that we may be doing something right.”

About PROTON360™ Communications
PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS is national provider with a wide array of services, any scale or scope and was named top 10 by the Systems Contractor News.

PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS’ “We are out of the box. Bold and Broad,” mindset drives their entire approach to their customers’ business. Formerly known as PROTON360™, the company focused on audio/video integration and now expands across the entire spectrum of technology as PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS. PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS’ services now include electrical services, communications systems, network and even creative content and management. Their 2014 expansion paid dividends for the thriving company, including bringing their services to The University of Washington.

About Connectrac
Connectrac® Wireways are the best floor-based cable management solution for bringing power, data and communications from the wall to all interior commercial applications. Connectrac offers the flexibility to meet the demands for new technology connectivity while maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of the building – all without the expense and inflexibility of core drilling, trenching or floor boxes.

NeoCon Showcases Connectrac Cable Management

by connectrac |June 16, 2015 |0 Comments | Press Releases

CHICAGO — Connectrac announced today an open invitation to the Dauphin Showroom at NeoCon 2015 at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. The showroom debuts the elegantly installed “no bump” wireways for six applications. This showcase comes in response from a growing customer base of interior designers and architects who want flexibility and great aesthetics without core drilling or trenching. The Dauphin showroom features the latest benching systems, lounge and collaboration spaces with power, data and telecommunications cable management by Connectrac.

The Dauphin Showroom (across from Steelcase showroom) will be open to all NeoCon participants. Steve Batchelder, Connectrac Director of Sales, stated, “Interior designers, architects, facility managers and electrical contractors need twenty-first century solutions to meet the cable management connectivity needs of today and tomorrow for not only power, but for data and telecommunications access as well.

“The solution for all-encompassing connectivity with a sleek look and ‘no bumps’ can only be found with Connectrac Wireways.”

About Connectrac
Connectrac® Wireways are the best floor-based cable management solution for bringing power, data and communications from the wall to all interior commercial applications. Connectrac offers the flexibility to meet the demands for new technology connectivity while maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of the building – all without the expense and inflexibility of core drilling, trenching or floor boxes.

Intereum Creates New “Living Office” Headquarters Using Connectrac Cable Management

by connectrac |June 16, 2015 |0 Comments | Press Releases

June 16th – Dallas, TX – Connectrac announced today its inclusion in an Living Office retrofit project at Intereum Inc. Located in Plymouth, Minnesota, Intereum is the only furniture dealer certified by Herman Miller in the entire state. Their multi-faceted services, ranging from corporate and government offices to educational and medical facilities create not only spaces where tasks can be completed, but also environments that one can enjoy and thrive in. This type of innovation earned Intereum a spot on The Star Tribune’s Top 100 Workplaces list.

The company initiated a project to renovate their headquarters to create an adaptable, multi-purpose “Living Office”. The variety of the workspace made for a challenge to input cable management and power connectivity to every workstation.

Intereum with Connectrac Brings Living Office to Life

Living Office is a proprietary approach and methodology developed by Herman Miller that provides research-based principles and insights on the design and activation of place. With a multitude of purposeful settings, Intereum’s layout maximizes employees’ opportunities to accomplish work goals in a variety of fashions. The different layouts within a Living Office include the privacy of a workstation to achieve individual assignments to open area spaces for collaborating with co-workers or clients. In all parts of the office, Intereum needed to have power and data cable management available and convenient for every employee.

The company wanted a sleek and affordable option for connectivity that matched their reputation for innovation they had acquired over the last decade, leading them to select Connectrac Wireways. The companies’ relationship spans back nearly a decade, close to the time the two originated. Connectrac was considered the standard in cable management over core drilling, trenching and power poles.

“When you go with core drilling, it’s more expensive, you deal with more construction, and you have a lot of disruption and distraction,” Principal of Intereum, Matt Sveen, said. “And we just don’t go with power poles for obvious aesthetic reasons.”

The Intereum installation team installed the patented Connectrac In-Carpet Style Wireways into their Living Office. The uniqueness of the workspace’s layout presented an interesting design, but the malleability of Connectrac created no issues throughout the project. Each open area along with all of the workstations was provided with proper cable management and power connectivity, bringing the Living Office to life.

“The services and delivery came in right on time,” Sveen said. “It’s a simple, clean solution. It was easy to use and went in without a hitch!”

Intereum’s excellence has only increased with the completion of its Living Office. At their headquarters, any work environment one may prefer is now available. “Intereum has worked with us nearly since our company began,” Steve Batchelder, Connectrac Director of Sales, said. “It has been amazing to see their growth into one of their region’s premiere companies for office renovation and reconfiguration. With their new offices coming into shape, there’s no telling where Intereum will go from here.”

About Intereum

Intereum was formed in 2004 with the merger of Facility Systems Inc. and WorkXite creating Minnesota’s premier full service office environment dealership located in Plymouth, Minnesota. Intereum, Herman Miller’s only Certified Dealer in Minnesota, is consistently ranked by Herman Miller as one of its top dealers nationally regarding sales and service excellence, customer satisfaction, and progressive business practices. Intereum has grown to be a top regional choice for office renovation, reconfiguration, and completely new office environments.

Connectrac Wireways Provide Cable Management at West Point Military Academy

by connectrac |June 1, 2015 |0 Comments | Press Releases

Dallas — May 28th  Connectrac announced today the installation of Connectrac On Floor Wireways at the United States Military Academy to Expand Technology Access and Cable Management Within Their Classrooms.

It cannot be stated enough that only the best, brightest, and most courageous minds walk through the halls of the United States Military Academy at West Point. Generations upon generations have paid their dues through the classrooms and training so they could serve and protect the nation we live in today. And as much as is demanded of them when they are out in uniform, equal, if not more, is expected of them in the classroom.

West Point Academy Meets Connectrac

West Point demonstrates this mindset every year through their annual Projects Day—an annual competition where an individual or a team of cadets demonstrate their combination of academic and military skills. To increase their academic prowess, West Point Academy invested in a project to expand the access technology through cable management within their classrooms. After researching available solutions online, they discovered Connectrac Wireways and concluded they were the best available option.

Inside the lecture rooms, West Point Academy opted out of large auditorium-size classes for a more close-knit and personal environment. In the smaller classrooms, West Point uses re-configurable desks so professors may lay out the class in any fashion. “Professors set up rooms as they see fit and many require the Cadets to bring their PC’s or tablets to class each day,” stated Lieutenant Colonel Ed Teague of West Point. “We need a solution that maximized access to power and Ethernet while minimizing the impact on the room itself.”

Simplicity and Cost Efficiency Brings Connectrac Cable Management to West Point

In the project’s early stages raised floors were a part of the discussion, but that method was deemed too costly. The same could be said of the similarly expensive and labor-intensive cable management options of core drilling and trenching. In fact, a recent RSMeans study shows that Connectrac saves up to 50% or more compared to those two alternatives. The academy installed Connectrac On-Floor Style Wireways, bringing connectivity and cable management to over twenty rooms in the campus. With the ports inserted, cadets could bring laptops or tablets to every class and have technological access at their fingertips. The team at West Point was able to install low profile power and Ethernet floor ports in a custom format in 21 rooms.

“Getting to work on such hallowed ground like the U.S. Military Academy was one our company’s biggest On-Floor Wireway projects to date,” Connectrac Director of Sales Steve Batchelder said. “It truly is one of the highest honors to be able to contribute to the work and training of such courageous men and women at West Point.”


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