36° North

by connectrac |June 7, 2017 | Customer Successes

36 Degrees North, a base-camp for entrepreneurs, used Connectrac to provide a cable management solution giving all users power, data, and telecom access.


36° North, a base-camp for entrepreneurs in Tulsa, Oklahoma, needed to install cable management solutions able to accommodate all users with power, data and telecommunications access without intruding on the workspaces. Connectrac wireways were chosen to seamlessly accomplish their objective.
“The building used to be a former Model-T car dealership back in the 1920’s,” said Dustin Curzon, Executive Director of 36° North. “The building itself is over 100-years old and it was out of the question to trench or core drill.”

The headquarters had six conference rooms in need of cable management: one board room, two video rooms and two standing rooms. Their Board Room fits up to 16 people with power and data connections available on top of a conference table. The video rooms provide a more relaxed setting for clients with L-shape stadium-seating coupled with A/V connectivity. The two standing rooms were lined with tall tables and stand-up stools. Additionally, 36° North wanted to route power and data throughout their 1,500 square-foot dedicated workspace. “Connectrac would allow us to run power and ethernet to each workspace in a cost effective way without having to use core drilling or trenching,” said Curzon.



The installation team quickly installed Connectrac In-Carpet Wireways through the dedicated workspace and their six conference rooms. Simple to install, the wireways gave 36° North the complete solution they had been looking for. With company growth and changes sure to happen, Connectrac enables 36° North to access and reconfigure any cabling they see fit in the future. “Data was a huge thing for us in making our building. We needed something that channeled data but was ADA compliant and ADA friendly,” said Curzon. “We loved how accessible it was. If you want to add something, it’s okay because we have room in Connectrac and we can just throw it in. It was very helpful for us.” With all cable management installations complete, 36° North can now live out their visions of building and providing opportunities for aspiring businesses and entrepreneurs. “It is a very innovative environment they have created at 36° North,” said Clint Strong, CEO of Connectrac. “Entrepreneurs will now have everything at their disposal in order for their businesses to thrive.”


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