Go Wireway - Connectrac

GO Wireway

A new top-of-flooring power and telecom solution that’s as easy as place, plug, GO!

2.7 GO Wireway

GO Wireway

The Connectrac GO system gives you power, telephone, and computer connectivity anywhere, anytime, and within minutes. Simply place the durable, anodized aluminum wireway on top of any floor surface and plug the cord into a handy outlet. Locate the receptacle unit where you need it, install up to 4 CAT 6 cables and you’re all set. GO gives you the flexibility to provide, move or change connectivity when needed. Feel the freedom of Connectrac GO.

GO Wireway Features

2.7 GO Wireway Detail

  • Durable anodized architectural aluminum
  • Available in 6’ and 12’ lengths
  • Provides two electrical outlets
  • Provides up to 4 telecom ports
  • Perfect for lecterns, conference tables, desks and more


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