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Customer Successes

Connectrac’s Flexibility Supports COI’s Living Office Approach

  A more natural, high-performing workplace – one that fosters creativity, communication and productivity – is the concept of the Living Office. Contemporary Office Interiors’ (COI) partnered with Herman Miller to embrace this new workplace philosophy both internally and for its clientele. COI is Herman Miller’s largest integrated distribution network in Western Canada, and its […]

How Connectrac Wireways Helped Revamp Showroom Space at Interiors for Business, Inc.

Upon a renovation of their 13,000-foot showroom, Interiors for Business, Inc. (IFB) needed a simple solution to provide access to power and data throughout their entire space. The furniture dealership, located in Batavia, Illinois resides in what was originally one of the largest windmill factories in the world. While the industrial architecture serves as the […]

Metro Vancouver Maintains Design Intent with Connectrac

To provide long-term fiscal responsibility and better serve its 900 staff members, Metro Vancouver (the Greater Vancouver Water District in Vancouver, B.C.) purchased a new office tower in Burnaby, B.C. The organization’s new head office covers 263,000 square feet across 16 floors, and Metro Vancouver looked forward to tenant improvements that would fit its unique […]

Archbright Leverages Connectrac for Collaborative Spaces

As a leader in helping companies elevate workplace performance, Archbright knows the value of good teamwork. The company serves employers in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon with everything from human resources and employment law compliance to compensation consulting and employee training. When Archbright consolidated its three offices into one 22,000-square-foot Seattle location to help build a […]

Connectrac Renews Library to Serve Students in Relevant Ways

Like many institutions, academic libraries grapple with challenges brought on by technology. Formerly the main repositories of knowledge, libraries needed a new assignment now that anyone with access to an electronic device has a wealth of information at their fingertips.     As a result, university libraries have carved out new roles. Now the predominant […]

Connectrac’s Quiet, Easy Installation Helps Library Empower its Community

  Community-focused, collaborative, adaptable and inclusive – these are the shared values of the Tualatin Public Library in Tualatin, Oregon. The library houses more than 100,000 items and hosts 800+ programs each year. The welcoming civic space features a circular fireplace with comfortable seating and social areas, meeting rooms, and a community room. Serving approximately […]

Connectrac® Delivers Critical High Performance to StarLeaf

StarLeaf – a premiere video conferencing system provider – and Connectrac share many of the same professional objectives. Both companies offer services that are built to be flexible and fit seamlessly into the workplace. Both ensure unparalleled connectivity and deliver exceptional quality. So when StarLeaf needed electrical and internet cable access for its own video […]

Connectrac Connects Pittsburgh Airport

Airports are going through a revolution similar to offices.Instead of simply installing banks of seats at gates, airports are beginning to think about different uses for different areas, depending on how long the traveler will be in the space. Airports face a unique challenge. Many were built at a time when air travelers didn’t need […]


Wireway Powers Good Design for Knoll Dealership and its Customers The people at Environments are experts on how to make workplaces attractive, functional and high performing. Based in Portland, Ore., this Knoll dealership specializes in workspace design, planning, project management, furniture, and installation for clients. “I work with customers all day trying to solve the […]

Université de Saint-Boniface

CHALLENGE Each school year, the Université de Saint-Boniface in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada retrofits a few classrooms to create a more active learning environment. This summer, the university renovated their IT classrooms to provide power and data capabilities to student desks as well as the instructor lectern. For IT classes, technology access was a must. “We […]