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What Is Connectrac?

Connectrac is a low-profile floor mounted wireway system that allows power and data cabling to be delivered anywhere in a space.  Connectrac solutions can be used with multi-circuit powered workstations, classrooms, libraries, sit / stand desks, conference tables, and more.  They are available in two different sizes—2.7 and 3.7.

Connectrac Wireways

J. E. Snyder Electric on Connectrac


In November 2017, Rosendin Electric completed a full-floor Tenant Improvement project for Korean Airlines at the Wilshire Grand Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, California and using Connectrac® on this job was a great experience.

From the beginning of the project we encountered two big challenges; the first one was working on the 11th floor and not having a typical floor layout in the building (the floor below is the 7th floor so there are approx. 30 ft. in between these two floors). For this reason, core drilling to use poke-thru’s was not an option, especially because at least half of the floor below was occupied and the other half was under construction.

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How is Connectrac better than core drilling or trenching?

More flexible, less destructive, simpler to install, and often times less expensive.

What is the difference between 2.7 and 3.7 wireways?

The main difference is size and capacity.  The 2.7 wireway is available in three configurations and is the sleekest and most low-profile option.  The 3.7 wireway is available in two configurations and accommodates more power and data.

Can I relocate my Connectrac in the future?

Yes, Connectrac systems can be moved and changed as your needs change.  The MDF ramps included with the Connectrac Under-Carpet and In-Carpet Wireway are glued to the building slab and will need to be replaced upon moving. However, the Connectrac On-Floor Wireway simply screws to the flooring, so it can be unscrewed and relocated easily.  Any change to our power systems will require a licensed electrician.

What are the 2.7 wireway configurations?

It is available in Under-Carpet, In-Carpet, and On-Floor configurations.

What are the 3.7 wireway configurations?

It is available in In-Carpet and On-Floor configurations

Where is Connectrac made?

Connectrac Wireways and components are made in the U.S.A.

What types of flooring can be used with each configuration?

Under-Carpet and In-Carpet configurations can be installed with commercial carpet. On-Floor configurations can be installed on top of any surface.  Under-Carpet only works with carpet tiles.

Can I install Connectrac after my flooring is installed?

Yes, Connectrac can be installed at any point during a project.

How do I buy Connectrac?

You can purchase our products through electrical distributors, furniture dealers, AV integrators and through Connectrac.

How do I specify Connectrac?

We have specification guides to help you understand and specify our products.  View our specification and pricing guides to learn more.

We also offer design assistance – you can email us at quote@connectrac.com.

Is there a local rep in my area?

We have Regional Sales Managers covering most of North America. To find out about your area, please email us at info@connectrac.com.

Is Connectrac on any state buying contracts or cooperating purchasing agreements?

Connectrac is on GSA contract and TXMAS. You can email us at info@connectrac.com for more info.

Installation Questions

Who installs Connectrac?

Installation of our system can be done by a facilities team, general contractor, furniture installer, electrical contractor or flooring contractor.  The final connection of our power conduit requires a licensed electrical contractor.

How do I learn to install Connectrac?

We have installation videos and guides that can help. Contact our offices at 877.480.5637and ask for our Design Team to help you with installation questions.

What happens at the wall?

A small opening is cut in the base of the wall to allow power and low-voltage cabling to transition from the wireway into the wall cavity.  It is covered up by the base molding or our Wall Base Trim.

What part of the construction timeline is it best to install Connectrac?

Connectrac systems can easily be integrated into new construction, renovations, or modular furniture reconfigurations under different timelines.

Can I connect to my existing wall outlet?

We have a 24” Wall Channel for single circuit power systems and a 20” Wall Channel for multi-circuit systems.  These products are detailed in our specification guides.

How is Connectrac attached to the floor?

Aluminum wireways are typically screwed to a concrete slab using concrete screw fasteners while the MDF transition ramps are attached with construction adhesive.

Won’t the ramps make my furniture uneven?

Most furniture has glides that easily adapt to our wireway’s subtle transition, but we recommend you check the clearance of your furniture.

Technical Questions

Are the systems UL / CSA certified?

All Connectrac electrical systems are tested to UL and CSA standards, listed by Intertek / ETL, and carry the ETL mark.

Can I run data next to power in the wireway? Is there a divider?

We utilize a galvanized steel conduit to provide separation and shielding.

What is the Weight Capacity?

All Connectrac systems are designed to withstand 250 lb. individual point loads, or 1000 lbs. loaded onto a 4-wheeled cart.

Is the wireway system grounded?

All Connectrac electrical systems are self-contained and completely grounded assemblies.  The wireway itself isn’t required to be grounded, because it simply acts as a channel for the cabling.  This is similar to wiring travelling through a wall cavity in a building.

Is Connectrac allowed in Chicago and New York?

Connectrac devices are approved for use in New York City.

For Chicago, all of our single power device options are approved for use. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to use our modular power components. If there is any question or concerns by designers or end users, Connectrac can assist with the submission of a variance request through the city of Chicago on a case-by-case basis.  This request has to be submitted through the contractor/designer.

How does Connectrac stand up to carpet cleaning or mopping?

Our MDF transition ramps are moisture resistant and can stand up to any amounts of cleaning and carpet scrubbing.