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[service tz_number_item_desk=”3″ tz_number_item_tablet_landscape=”3″][service_item tz_title=”Under-Carpet Wireway” tz_description=”The Connectrac Under-Carpet provides power through an invisible wireway installed directly underneath any carpet tiling. ” tz_readmore_text=”`{` Learn more … `}`” tz_readmore_link=”/products/under-carpet-wireway/” tz_image=”2669″][service_item tz_title=”In-Carpet Wireway” tz_description=”The Connectrac In-Carpet offers an elegant power and data wireway solution that integrates with any carpet layout while providing a removable top cap for easy cable accessibility. ” tz_readmore_text=”`{` Learn more … `}`” tz_readmore_link=”/products/in-carpet-wireway/” tz_image=”2668″][service_item tz_title=”On-Floor Wireway” tz_description=”The Connectrac On-Floor system provides power and data cable management and installs on top of any flooring.” tz_readmore_text=”`{` Learn more … `}`” tz_readmore_link=”/products/on-floor-wireway/” tz_image=”2667″][/service]
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Customer Successes

Open Square Leverages Connectrac for Collaborative Space

As a leader in helping companies elevate workplace performance, Archbright knows the value of good teamwork. The company serves employers in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon with everything from human resources and employment law compliance to compensation consulting and employee training.

When Archbright consolidated its three offices into one 22,000-square-foot Seattle location to help build a unified culture, their tenant improvements for the new building included furniture and workplace technology from OpenSquare and Connectrac.

Environments – Workspace Design Professionals

The people at Environments are experts on how to make workplaces attractive, functional and high performing. Based in Portland, Ore., this Knoll dealership specializes in workspace design, planning, project management, furniture, and installation for clients.

“I work with customers all day trying to solve the workplace challenges they face in getting power and data distribution to their workstations and collaborative areas,” explains Amy McClaughry, Account Executive at Environments.

[quote tz_type=”type4″ tz_pagination=”show”][quote_item tz_image_option=”show” tz_name_option=”show” tz_name=”Amy McClaughry” tz_employment_option=”show” tz_employment=”Account Executive at Environments” tz_content=”“We found this product to be superior to anything else we saw on the market,”” tz_author=”6230″][quote_item tz_image_option=”show” tz_name_option=”show” tz_name=”Thomas Tolfree” tz_employment_option=”show” tz_employment=”Superintendent at Beck Group” tz_content=”“Connectrac is a really simple and convenient product. The wireway went down very quickly and was incredibly fast, we’d recommend it and definitely use it again.“” tz_author=”2700″][quote_item tz_image_option=”show” tz_name_option=”show” tz_name=”Dustin Cruzan” tz_employment_option=”show” tz_employment=”Executive Director, 36° North” tz_content=”“Connectrac would allow us to run power and ethernet to each workspace in a cost effective way without having to use core drilling or trenching“” tz_author=”2698″][quote_item tz_image_option=”show” tz_name_option=”show” tz_name=”Steven Greene” tz_employment_option=”show” tz_employment=”Project Manager, J. E. Snyder Electric” tz_content=”“Raytheon invests a lot in those conference rooms and it really makes the rooms pop. It provides everything we need as far as electrical, data, A/V access.“” tz_author=”2705″][/quote]
[tz-title tz_type=”2″ tz_title=”Our Clients”]

Connectrac is used by a wide array of companies, universities and government agencies. Our list of new partners is growing everyday. Join our list of customers, contact us today.