Connectrac Product Offering

Express Kits and the Flex® raceway system are two innovative Connectrac products that seamlessly manage both power and data cables. 

Express Kits

Convenient, grab-and-go solution

1 power/data point with a single circuit

Up to 12′ in Length

Express Kits are a grab-and-go solution that conveniently manages both power and data cables.

Flex Raceway System

Customized solution for specified projects

2+ power/data points with multiple circuits

Up to 75′ in Length

Flex is a floor-based power and data distribution system that allows users to quickly add connectivity or change power locations in a snap.

dash™ Power Tower

A customizable, free-standing power tower.


An advanced modular power solution.

dash™ Desktop Power Center

Configurable power and charging unit for desktop surfaces.

Sit-Stand Desk Power

Provide power access to height-adjustable desks and tables.

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