Advanced Modular Power Solution

The Legrand ModPower System is an innovative modular power product that brings power to where you need it. Connect up to six power units together to bring power and charging access right to the point of use. ModPower can be disconnected, moved around, and reconnected using a set of interconnecting cords making it perfect for flexible spaces.

Legrand’s products don’t just complement each other; they are designed to work together. Seamlessly integrate power and connectivity access by combining Connectrac Flex Raceways and ModPower. These adaptable solutions make layout changes easy while maintaining power and data connectivity connections – learn more here.

Visit the Legrand website for more product details and information.

ModPower Features

  • Installs In Surface or On Surface
    • On surface units can be mounted under or above table surfaces.
    • In surface units include a bezel that hides the mounting screws for a cleaner look.
  • Accommodates between 1 and 6 power units in two colors options
  • All models include 3 standard outlets, and your choice of two USB-A ports or one USB-A and one USB-C port
  • Tamper Resistant Receptacles
  • FCC Compliant (part 15) & UL Spill Water Compliant. Passed UL 962A spill water test requirements so it can be used in a horizontal surface, such as a tabletop