Reclaim Your Office with Connectrac

Our new “social distancing” world has completely disrupted and changed the typical office environment. We now see fewer people, more cleaning supplies, added plexiglass barriers, and the challenge to rearrange workspaces. Whether temporary or not, these layout changes need to happen – and fast*. Moving furniture is the easiest part, but relocating the power and data for the workstations is where things get difficult. Luckily, adapting connectivity to rapidly changing spaces is what Connectrac® does best.

Reoccupy Your Space Quickly and Easily

Connectrac has always been a go-to solution for bringing power and data where it’s needed. If you now find yourself challenged with the daunting task of reoccupying your space, we can help! Our Express Kits and GO Wireway are ideal for reconfiguring your space both quickly and easily. Scroll down to learn more.


Express Kits
Our low-profile Express Kits seamlessly manage both power and data cables. These wireways are pre-wired for power and can be cut to size in the field for a non-disruptive installation. They are available with two installation options: hidden under carpet tile and on top of any flooring surface.


GO Wireway

Our low-profile GO Wireway provides pluggable power and data cable management and installs on top of any flooring surface.

Need help specifying Connectrac for your space? Contact us any time at We’re available to answer any questions and can help you design the best solution for your specific project.


*Typical Connectrac install times are 10 minutes for our GO Wireway, and 2 hours for our Express Kits.