Achieve Flexible Interior Spaces with Legrand & Connectrac

Legrand’s products don’t just complement each other; they were implicitly designed to work well together. By combining Connectrac Flex® and ModPower™, two of our most adaptable solutions, users can easily change layouts while maintaining power and connectivity connections. These products allow you to run power and data cables under the floor, then up to desktops or tables. ModPower can be disconnected, moved around, and reconnected using a set of interconnecting cords, while the Flex Raceway System can bring power and data access anywhere in a space.


Flex Raceway System

Connectrac® products offer the flexibility to meet the latest consumer demands in technological connectivity. We know an ever-changing world requires products with flexibility and motility: products that don’t require you to tear up a foundation or drill through a floor, causing noisy and disruptive construction. The Connectrac Flex System allows for any change in power and data distribution while maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of the building. Flex is the most innovative floor-based power and data distribution system that allows users to add connectivity or change power locations in a snap quickly. Flex Raceways are available with two installation options: hidden under carpet tile and on top of any flooring surface.



The ModPower System was the industry’s first code-compliant modular power system. Connect up to six power units together to bring power and charging access right to the point of use. ModPower is compatible with Connectrac Flex and can be disconnected and reconnected using a set of interconnecting cords, making it perfect for multi-use spaces. Available in in-surface or on-surface applications.

No matter the layout, provide flexible and innovative power solutions with Legrand and Connectrac. Our solutions make quick and easy space reconfiguration possible and are perfect for retrofit or new construction applications. Learn more about Flex and ModPower here.