Sustainability Matters at Connectrac

As a provider of cutting-edge floor-based raceways, Connectrac products are designed to manage power and data cables in an efficient and sustainable way. Connectrac has always cared about the lifecycle of our products and practices environmentally responsible operations. Starting with the packaging, we have reduced the amount of cardboard used, creating less waste overall; several of our raceway components also include recycled materials. Connectrac’s main sustainability contribution is both how our products can be reused and the minimization of impact on a building’s lifecycle by providing future flexibility for any space. Our floor-based raceways can be uninstalled and reinstalled elsewhere when needed, without core drilling or trenching into the concrete.


Adaptive Reuse

In our industry, one of the most sustainable approaches is renovating existing buildings, rather than building a new structure from the ground up. Repurposing spaces and materials can decrease the amount of carbon emissions connected to materials’ production and reduce the amount of debris and waste going into landfills. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, deconstruction rather than demolition of a building can save 90% of a building’s materials.1

Bringing new life into existing buildings is more than just a cosmetic facelift. Today’s layouts are constantly changing, and technology is always evolving too; so older buildings can seem quickly outdated. But with Connectrac floor-based raceways, you can provide power & data access wherever it’s needed with plenty of adaptability to reuse the product in ever-evolving layouts. Plus, installing these floor-based raceways avoids poor indoor air quality and potential damages caused by invasive core drilling or trenching; this also helps extend the building’s lifecycle.

At Connectrac & Legrand, we believe it is our responsibility to design solutions for a more sustainable future. By choosing Connectrac, you are investing in a solution that not only enhances the functionality of buildings but also aligns with organization’s commitments to environmentally conscious building and sustainability practices. Learn more about Legrand’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility here.

April 2023

The Adaptive Reuse Revolution | Gensler