The Flex® Raceway System – Where to Start?

The Flex® Raceway System is the most innovative, modular floor-based power and data distribution system on the market. This raceway discreetly supplies adaptable power & data access right where it’s needed in commercial interior spaces. The system is comprised of pre-wired, interconnecting Powertracs and Power Hubs that feature expanded data capacity and interchangeable power devices that can be hot-swapped or completely removed at any time.

The raceway must begin with an entrance fitting. Entrance fittings provide the connection point between the buildings power supply and the modular raceway system.

Explore the 4 different ways to start the Flex Raceway.


Entrance Fitting Options:

Wall-Based Entrances

1. In-Wall Entrance: Allows for a seamless connection from the base of a wall to the Flex raceway system. It is provided with either a 15’ or 30’ pre-wired steel conduit that is used to connect to a junction box in the wall or ceiling.


2. Surface-Mounted Entrance: Used when power and data are being supplied outside of the wall. The fitting is available with a pre-wired steel conduit in three lengths, 3’, 15’ or 30’, and includes a wall channel kit that encases the prewired conduit in an aluminum extrusion that is surface mounted to the wall.


3. On-Wall Transition from Legrand 2400D® and 4000® Series Raceways: Allows power and data to be supplied from nearby 2400D® Series or 4000® Series perimeter raceway systems. The 2400D transition accommodates a single Powertrac, while the 4000 transition can accommodate up to 3 channels of Powertrac/Datatrac.


Open Space Entrance

4. Poke-Thru Entrance: Allows the Connectrac Flex® Raceway system to be started at nearly any point along a concrete floor and eliminates the need to feed power and data from a nearby wall. The specially designed poke-thru and entrance fitting provides a low-profile transition that fits into a 4” core-drilled opening. The poke-thru entrance differs from the wall entrances with a different connection point that mates to either a Power Hub or Powertrac corner as opposed to directly starting with a Powertrac.


Flex is the most innovative floor-based power and data distribution system available. It can be installed nearly anywhere in commercial interior spaces and allows users to quickly add connectivity access or easily change power locations. Discover more about the Flex Raceway System and how it works here.