Make Your Workplace Accessible For All

Today’s workforce is diverse and increasingly recognizing the importance of providing accessible spaces for employees and public visitors. Adaptability is essential in designing inclusive interior spaces. As design standards evolve over time, regulations have been set forth by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and the 2010 Standards for Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities: Title III both require compliance in different measurable forms from building owners. These standards are a key factor driving businesses toward accessibility compliance.

Connectrac® Under-Carpet Express Kits and Under-Carpet Flex Raceway System offer an effective solution that allows power and data access to be seamlessly integrated almost anywhere in an interior setting safely and efficiently – putting organizations one step closer on the towards increasing accessibility within workspaces while simultaneously fulfilling regulatory obligations.



In the Clear

Open office environments can pose challenges when designing inclusive spaces. From ADA-Compliant door and hallway widths, extension cords, and sound-dampening carpets – adaptable products are critical. Another unique challenge is safely supplying power access in the middle of spaces. That’s where Connectrac’s under-carpet, floor-based power and data distribution systems come into play. Designed specifically to bring power and data access right where it’s needed while maintaining an inclusive, and visually appealing layout.

Connectrac’s ADA-compliant solutions include:

Under-Carpet Express Kits

Express Kits are a grab-and-go solution that conveniently manages power & data cables. This raceway solution seamlessly integrates into the floor and accommodates one power & data point with a single circuit.


Under-Carpet Flex® Raceway System

The Under-Carpet Flex Raceway is a discreet solution to provide power & data access through any interior space. Flex features expandable data capacity and hot-swappable power devices, which makes it simple to adjust layouts to fit the needs of accessible design.

No matter the regulations, creating inclusive spaces is essential for workplaces. Connectrac under-carpet, floor-based raceway systems provide spaces with safe and functional access to power & data connections, while ensuring future changes are easy to make.