Deliver Adaptable Power & Data with Connectrac Flex Raceways

Connectrac Flex® is the most innovative floor-based power and data distribution system on the market. This patented system features a pre-wired raceway that allows users to quickly add connectivity or change power locations in a snap. Flex features interchangeable power devices that can be hot-swapped when desired or removed completely.

Flex Raceways are available with two installation options: hidden under carpet tile and on top of any flooring surface. These raceways are adaptable, allowing you to rapidly reconfigure any space, in any building, at any time™. You can quickly transform an office with sit-stand desks into an open conference room or to a training room. All in a snap!

Flex Raceway Systems:

Flex Installed Under Carpet Tile

Our hidden under-carpet system works best under carpet tile and provides an invisible solution for managing power and data cables.


Flex Installed on Top of Flooring

Our visible on-floor system works great on top of any flooring surface to supply power and connectivity where needed.

There is nothing in the industry that provides as much adaptability and flexibility as the Flex Raceway System. Flex includes pre-wired power, versatile data, and low-profile transition ramps. It’s ADA compliant and tested to UL 111 standards. Perfect for any commercial interior space!