Connectrac Express Kits – A Complete Raceway Kit in a Box

Connectrac® Express Kits are a convenient, grab-and-go raceway solution that seamlessly manages the routing of power & data cables. These Express Kits contain everything needed for installation – including pre-wired power, versatile data, and low-profile transition ramps.



2 Installation Options are Available – Installed Under Carpet & Installed on Top of Any Flooring Surface:

Under-Carpet Express Kit

The under-carpet system seamlessly conceals cord and cables and works best under carpet tile. The Under-Carpet Express Kit is 6’ in length, and 3’ extensions are available to reach a desired length. It is recommended to not exceed 15’, as the conduit is 25’.


On-Floor Express Kit

The on-floor system is a visible raceway that can be installed on top of any flooring surface. The On-Floor Express Kit is available in 6’, 9’, and 12’ lengths.


A complete raceway kit in a box.


Express Kits are ADA Compliant, accommodate 1 power + data point with a single circuit and tested to UL 111 standards. These kits supply adaptable power + data access and are perfect for providing connectivity access to podiums, kiosks, tables and more!