3 Ways Connectrac Helps Colleges and Universities Reach Students

Learning environments need to be adaptable and flexible enough for the changing needs of students and teachers.With more classes online, institutions learned lessons on how to deliver remote instruction yet still engage students. Many public and private schools are taking a hybrid approach with their classes with a mix of in-person and remote instruction. Connectrac® solutions facilitate these hybrid programs in three key ways so institutions can deliver best-in-class education.

1) Technology Where It’s Needed

To help remote students interact with their classmates and instructors in real time, colleges and universities have turned to technology. The virtual learning experience has become enhanced with digital displays, monitors, video cameras and microphones. But limited perimeter electrical outlets can hamper innovative digital arrangements. Extension cords are not a sensible option as they are unattractive and, more importantly, create trip hazards for instructors and students.

The Connectrac Flex™ raceway systems can be installed under carpet tile or on top of any flooring surface. This innovative product provides hidden power and data anywhere it’s needed in classrooms, lecture halls, and social gathering spaces. Our smooth, ADA-compliant raceway can unite students through technology in a safe, seamless manner at virtually every point in the room.

2) Flexible Classrooms

Flexibility is essential to support collaboration between online students and their in-person counterparts and teachers. As a result, classrooms must be able to assume multiple configurations over time.

Flex allows users to quickly add connectivity or change power locations, so reconfiguring interior layouts while maintaining connectivity becomes a practical option. By allowing spaces to quickly adapt to new modifications, Connectrac solutions help colleges and universities continually improve the way they serve in-person and digital learners.

3) Campus Life

Classrooms aren’t the only spaces where Connectrac offers colleges and universities convenient access to power and data. Many academic offices will be equipped with video and microphone technology to protect staff. Institutions are also incorporating dynamic video conferencing and streaming capabilities in student gathering spaces to promote socialization for remote students.

Connectrac brings abundant, accessible options to student unions, lounges, and public-use spaces for extra charging stations, stronger Internet service, and augmented video experiences. In academic offices, our Flex raceway systems can bring technology right to the point of service.

Colleges and universities are charting dynamic courses in learning and social interaction on campus. As higher education institutions evolve in these challenging times, Connectrac equips them with the reliable and agile infrastructure to foster enriching experiences and keep students engaged.