3 Ways Connectrac Flex Helps Schools, Universities and Education Facilities Reach Students

We all know that technology is essential for the modern classroom, but getting the power and data access exactly where it’s needed to keep students connected can be a challenge. In older buildings, electrical power outlets along the perimeter of a room can be limited, which hampers the design or layout of spaces.

That’s where Connectrac comes in – The Flex Raceway System helps schools, universities, libraries, and other educational spaces supply students with the connectivity and power access they need anywhere within a space.

Here are 3 ways that Connectrac Flex® can help facilitate flexible learning spaces:

1) Technology Access Where It’s Needed

Supplying power and technology access right where it’s needed is vital. The Flex Raceway brings power and connectivity access right to the desired point of use. These innovative raceways can be installed under carpet tile or on top of any flooring surface. The Under-Carpet solution is ADA-compliant and seamlessly integrates into the floor.

2) Flexible Classrooms

The Flex Raceway System also makes it easier than ever to create flexible learning spaces that can be rearranged quickly and easily. Flex features interchangeable power devices, so reconfiguring interior layouts while maintaining connectivity becomes a practical option. Plus, our system is designed with safety in mind—all cords are securely tucked away under the raceway so there’s no trip hazard or risk of damage from rolling chairs.

3) Campus Life

These flexible floor-based raceways go beyond the classroom and can transform technology access in student unions, lounges, charging stations, libraries, and other public-use spaces. Institutions are also incorporating more video conferencing and streaming capabilities in spaces to promote socialization for remote and hybrid students

Keep space current and connected with the Flex Raceway System. Learn more here!