Utilizing More Power & Data in Technology Trends

In today’s world, digital signage and kiosks are becoming an essential part of operations by helping to keep employees and customers safe and informed in fast-paced environments. While the core of digital signage and kiosks are the screens and enhanced customer experience, you will also need a power source and an internet connection.

Connectrac® makes these requirements possible by providing power and data cable management to kiosks, flat-panel monitors, and other interactive devices within a durable wireway. Our Express Kits and GO Wireway are quick and easy to install, a simple installation can occur in one day.

Connectrac Express Kits

Our Express Kits seamlessly manage both power and data cables. These wireways are pre-wired, can be cut to size in the field, and are quick to install.

The hidden under-carpet option works best under carpet tile.

The visible on-floor option works great on top of any flooring surface.

GO Wireway

The GO Wireway is portable, provides pluggable power and data cable management.

Quickly installs on top of any flooring surface.

Easily install your digital signage and kiosks with Connectrac. Our wireways can quickly be installed in both retrofit and new construction spaces while concealing cords and cables. If you need assistance specifying Connectrac for your space, contact us at info@connectrac.com.